~* Garbage Day *~

Profundity escapes me
I sit here, aching, yearning
As I stub out imaginary cigarette butts
On my imaginary maturity
It sits, like a stubborn jawbreaker
Or a piece of gum that is minty no more
On my tongue's tip, taunting, terrifying,
Lit only by the peeping moon
And not even bright ideas illuminate
But it refuses to come visit
Like Ms Socialite to a gala below her notice
Slender pickings indeed
From a brain that's been picked at to the bone
Revealing marrow and spongy matter few can fathom
Sometimes it disgusts
But most of the time it's merely tasteless pap
That only dogs and sewer rats can savour
And nibble at yearningly, hungrily, carnally
Rich food is beyond their ken
For so often has its richness rotted away
Before it passes their hairy lips
That all that's left
Is recycled beyond recognition
Thank God
We sometimes find out jewels in the trash heap
But do we have the sense
Not to hock them on eBay?