Placebo Pills 5/7/04

In all the places they should be
I should be sleeping now
My mind is a quiet hell place
And all the quiet is the sound of rain
The clouds, those mindless clouds
Cannot make up their minds
The road reminds me of cobbles
Cracks leading of to no where
Particularly the grey place
The graveyard, an unhappy home
For wilted roses
And all I can do is wonder
And grasp my epiphanies
Like they will save me
From the time
I give up the ghost
And still you wonder
You've stopped holding my hand
Embarrassed flush
Interesting atmosphere
More not to say, than there is
And quiet suits me well
Or so I thought
Because now you're kissing me.

Screaming lost and wondering why
Scratching my protests into the wood
Scarring the place I am supposed to be
And supposedly falling and falling
Helplessly in love
And I tear if from my skin
Bleed away the sin
You don't really want me here
I know that very well
Every day
And little black letters
Filling my eyes
I cry ink, and burn
The little ashen letters
I should have sent
Should have said,
what I wanted to say

When I wanted to say it.
But the mirror doesn't lie
And all I can do is stand in the middle
Of a thought I once had
That not all of it
Was that much of a lie
I should be patient
With my supposed forever's
And always try a try
Tomorrows always been another day
Something worth making an effort for
Grasp the common sense
Run away with my head
Listen to the good music
And what people have to say