Im Too Late Now
I cant believe im too late now,
All those times I put you down,
You were my sister and will always be,
I wish I can say im sorry for all those things I did to you,
Or all those tomes when you cried because of me,
I never meant to put you down and call you stupid,
See, im too late now, since you left the living,
Your probably going to heaven and checking in,
I hate diseases and now I hate them more,
You just had to go and mess around at 15,
You got HIV and it signed your death,
I wish I couldve been your role model when I was suppose to,
Instead I beat you up when Mom was gone,
Also, I putted you down for everything you did,
Dad left when he found out that Mom was having you,
I shouldve of done it the right way but I didnt,
Instead I blamed you for Dad leaving,
Were putting you in the ground right now,
When we got home, Mom broke down,
Now im filled with regret and guilt,
Regret for not being there for you when I shouldve,
Guilt for what all I did to you like the insults,
I wish I can im sorry to you right now,
But im too late now