This is How I Feel
This is how I feel, its hatred,
Hatred for this life and my parents,
Life has been cruel to me,
The God up there put me here by accident,
Instead of me, there should have been Mrs. Perfect,
I cant help the way I am,
My parents treat me like they dont care,
Thats true for you to know,
They dont care, they only know 1 way to show it,
Thats to beat me until I black out,
I dont know why God had to mess up,
He actually signed me this life,
Can you believe that? I do,
Ive lived this life for so many years,
This country just had to make beer,
My parents cant feel, I know that,
Sometimes I might get new clothes or something,
But thats only when Mrs. Perfect comes out,
I dont know how I keep going,
But this is how I feel