Ill see you Again
I promised you ill see you again,
Im still going to keep that promise too,
I know you've already gone to heaven,
You done went and beat me to it,
Nothing was ever shocking me, but that was,
You never was supposed to leave me alone,
I still remember all those times,
Times when we use to hang out for no reason,
Or the times when we got into fights and didnt talk to each other,
You was and always will be my partner,
My partner-in-crime or just my buddy, it doesnt matter,
Ill always remember you wherever ill be,
Sometimes, I wish you could come back and be my buddy again,
But I know you cant, thats the sad thing about it,
I know you are probably up there causing trouble,
Yeah I know, I would be too,
Ill never forget you my friend,
I promised you ill see you again