this peom takes place in 10000 years from now and many people live on planets we would hardly think about living on.

listen my children for i have a story to tell: Jupiter oh how jolly its been in the high light of my years, its nice soul has penitrat my heart and i love every minute, the lightnig it makes when i'm there i know its saying hello my princess just to me, Earth how i miss it even though i never been, but i hear its a great world or it was, but not scence that evil took over has it been good, it still has its bueaty even though its been ruined by us so long ago, hope has been in the air that someday we can save that planet, Mars haha i can't belive it along along time ago we thought we couldn't live on that planet with out oxegen from earth i cannot belive it was much hotter then earth, then again everything has changed in the last 1000 years, i mean look at Mercury the hottest planet so close to the sun, but on the other it freezing cold, and everyone thought that it was unhabital, but we proved them wrong i mean kids can go out and play, without wondering off to far and die, they can now live, Pluto the coldest planet of them all and the farthest one from the sun, so far the most favorite of mine is earth then jupiter and then pluto, its icy ridges has come to be my favorite thing to look at, to me its the most pleasing to look at right after earth, me do you want to know? well i am from the moon, its perfect and well i'm not here to tell you about the moon, i'll tell you some other time, Venus i wish it could just lock me in its heart and keep me there, my soul loves it when i'm on the planet of love, Neptune hmm i don't know too much about it other then it mainly has water, Uranus i know less then neptune but they are close to alike, hmm saturnthe rings will always mistifie me and how much i love the rings, i know they are just great big meteriots, Its now 34 years later and i'm just an old women telling my story to my grandchildren, listen my children to a story about the 9 planets in our galaxy.