The world ain't like it used to be. I can remember. Most can't.

If you lived long enough, you woulda begin to see that all things move in cycles. It just ain't the pretty, dance around the clock in perfect intervals kind of cycle. It happened when it's was damn well good and ready to happen and not a second sooner, but it did happen. Because the thing that drove us, the thing that kept us moving in that cycle was alive. It breathed in and out, blowing us forward and sucking us back with the current. It ate and shit and when it scratched its ass someone somewhere drops a bomb on some poor S.O.B working the night shift mobbing floors in the embassy.

And when it was ready for it to, all our mistakes would happen again. We'd screw up in exactly the same way we did hundred or even thousands of years ago. And then a few decades later, some pencil necked bastard working late nights in library somewhere would read about it and shake his head at how people will never learn from their mistakes.

But none of us live that long do we? That's the damnable catch to it all. We live and die and live again just as ignorant of our fates as the mosquito sucking on my thigh is ignorant of its. It's probably better that way. You don't want to remember.

Trust me, you don't.

It ain't a pretty, revealing epiphany where light bulbs go off and fireworks blast and the new-agers can go "Ooooh that's why I like cream cheese on my celery." It's shitty. Pure shitty, remembering all the way back to before there were words to put on the damn thoughts. Remembering every damn mistake and every damn tragedy. And believe me, that's what you'll remember the most. That's the part that will wake you up screaming at nights, pissing yourself because all those things happened to you or were caused by you. It's all first hand and it's all clear as a fucking bell. And you can never make it go away by saying it happened so long ago that it doesn't matter anymore.

But that was all before. Things have changed now. Everything has changed now, which is why we're here. Which is why I'm talken to yah about this. You see, the human mind ain't meant for this. It can only take in so much. It's like those damn viewer things. You know the ones I'm talken about? The ones with the little wheel that lets you see one picture at a time. That's what life is for humans. Most of us anyway. See just the one picture, then pull the lever and see another.

But someone has to see the whole wheel. Someone has to remember. That's how it works. Someone remembers so that we all don't have to. It's a god damn suckie ass fate, but it's important. Like cleaning out the johns. Someone has to do it.

It's funny you know, how that wheel comes back around. It's like when you get old, and you look at the children and you see the mistakes they're about to make. You see what they're gonna go through, and you know just how damn hard it will be 'cause you've been there yourself. And there ain't a damn thing you can do about it, cause kids are prideful and stubborn. They want to learn it all themselves and all the hard way. Besides, your kids won't ever believe you were young once too. That would throw all their misconceptions out of wack, now wouldn't it?

Yeah, I got kids too. Teenagers, fixen to go to college. They're both smart as a whip. Didn't get it from me punks. They're everything you know. Kids. They grow up like sponges, just taken everything in. And whatever gets inside is what makes them, is what turns them into who ever it is they're gonna be. Gotta make sure they get put in clean water if you want them to be clean. And boy, do they see everything too, every single thing you do. They see it and judge it, but they judge it fair. That's the trait of innocence I think, judgen' things fair.

But all that's over now ain't it? All that's changed. Cause there isn't any innocence anymore. That thing that moves us, pushes us in cycles, is dead. Oh, we're still moving in cycles cause that's all we know. But there ain't no breath to start us right again so the cycles get smaller and smaller and sooner or later, we're gonna trip on ourselves. Heaven- if there is one, I ain't too sure -help us when that happens. Cause there ain't gonna be enough of us left to stand up straight again.

No, I ain't being pessimistic. I'm being real. This is real. This is all there is. It's what I was sayin' about ol' timers being able to see the mistakes of the young. I'm watchin' the cards fall and there ain't a damn thing I can do to stop it.

See, I remember it all. All the way back to the beginning. Clear as a damn bell. And 'cause of that I can see where we're going. I can see what's gonna happen. It ain't pretty, son. It sure as hell ain't pretty.

Yeah, I probably do have a few screws loose. But how do you know I'm wrong? No, you can't live your life in fear, but you can't live it ignorant either. 'Cause everything moves in cycles still, and if you pay attention, you'd be able to see too. You'd be able to remember. Just takes a wide enough view.

But maybe you don't wanna remember, and that's 's alright. I'll remember for you. It's what I do best. Just remember this ol' timer today, alright? Remember what I said. It's important, son. Sometimes, it's what you do in an instant, the choices you make without thinking them through, that shapes history. And if no one else, your kids will remember yah. They'll look at what you do, and take you in. And you want what they take in to be important, to be honorable. 'Cause that's who they'll end up bein'. And they're the ones that are gonna have to fix this mess we're getting ourselves into, after all.

"United flight 93, Newark to San Francisco now boarding. Repeat. All passengers for United flight 93, Newark to San Francisco now boarding."

Yeah, That's your flight. You remember what I said, you hear? And take care. I'll see yah next time you come around.

Don't worry, son. I'll remember yah.