Dracula's Daughter

My name is Katiana. I have no last name, nor do I need one. All my family history is traced back to one man and one man only, my father, Dracula. He is the ever famous vampire that worked his way into many fables, tales, and fantasies in Europe and the entire world. How did I come into being? Not even I know how. My mother always told me that Dracula was never able to fully kill her, and for that reason she lived and gave birth to me. She told me it wasn't rape, it was love. I do not understand why someone so cruel spared a mortal's life. Yes, my mother was a mortal woman, and yet, I am as immortal as Dracula himself.
I won't say my age, but I'm old enough that my mother has now passed away and I now reside in her dwellings, staying out of sight and trying to keep a low profile. All those I knew when I was young have passed on, and being seen at my age is reason for suspicion. I cannot let the children of those that knew me as a child and those children's children see me looking young, for they would begin to suspect something was wrong with me, wouldn't they? Having Dracula as my father means I am a vampire as well. This I know, for I have felt the urge to drink blood as I'm told my father did. I however, seem to be able to control it slightly better, therefore I can limit myself to a point. I drink the blood of chickens and pigs and even cows to sustain my life-force, never feeding on humans if I can help it.
I do not know why I am the way I am and why my father does not seek me out. I suppose at times it is because he never knew. However I know and I wish to seek him out, for there has been something drawing me to a place in my dreams, something pulling me into my darker side. I do not know who he is, nor what kind of a man he is. I only know that he has been someone who takes lives without regret and whatever else I learned from the tales my mother told me. She watched over me when I was alive, and now, I believe she still watches over me in death. I have had no reflection or heartbeat most of my life, and yet everyday she would tell me I was normal, even though I knew I wasn't. I felt human with her, and now that is fading. I do not know what I truly am anymore. I need to find my father, Dracula, in the hopes of having my questions answered; the only thing I fear is his reaction upon meeting me.
How would he react, to realize my mother, the mortal woman he had left, been with child? How would he react to my presence? I wished for answers and now I know that I must seek him out to find them. I must leave my home; leave the life of hiding that I am comfortable with, and risk the people seeing me alive when they thought I was dead and long forgotten. It is time. I begin to pack my things, getting together things to help me on my journey. I go to my mother's chest, where she kept everything precious. I open the chest, and pull out one sword and one cross; the cross does not affect me because of my human side, and furthermore my mother loved this one. I also pull out a necklace, which she said Dracula himself had given to her. I only hope that he will recognize it. I continue to prepare to leave. I have no clue what lies ahead. I only know that my nightmares are growing more frequent and time might be running out for me.