Scrawled in ink bought in bulk
By nameless shadows
Media monsters
Trying to understand what cannot be understood.


Killing children
Billy's lying dead
He tried to get into Suzy's pants
And she shot him in the head.
Weeping endless tears
No vengeance for the gone
The media screams
This is obscene!
And we nod
The media is never wrong.

But what they don't understand
What they can't comprehend
Is the motive behind the action
They miss the reason behind the gun
Oblivious to death's fatal attraction.

Music, media lets blame the rock stars
For our children's sins
They don't understand
It's not the metal bands
We're merely fighting a battle we can't win.

Today as I stood
In a whirlwind of voices
Jeering my name
The high school idiocy
I thought of the shooting
In lil' ol Columbine
And wished I had a gun on me.