Chapter One

November 17, 2004

Millington Central High School

Millington, Tennessee

~Lunch Time~

Jordan Parker sat at the lunch table starring at her friend Colton is shock. "What do you mean if we switched bodies I would have a big...penis!?" she yelped.

Colton Mathers laughed at his best friend. "You would!" he replied looking down at her breasts.

"Are you sayinmg that my boob size would equal...that size?" she asked.

"Yea." he replied.

Jordan crossed her arms and her face tunred red. "Well then what about you? If you turned into a woamn how big would your boobs be." she replied with a cute grin.

Colton looked down then back up at her. I would be like twice the size of Dolly Parton."

Jordan laughed. The rest of the group turned their attention towards them, catching only the last few words of that sentence.

"What are you two talking about?" Elizabeth Bennet asked. Her facial expression was classic, along with the four other people staring at the pair.

"We were wondering what we would have if we like were guys or girls." Jordan explain.

Elizabeth looked from Colton to Jordan and back again. "That would be different. Just imagine switching bodies. Then I think ya'll would have the idea."

Colton and Jordan looked at each other. They shook their head and gave a joint, "Naaa."

~Sixth Period~

"You have no idea what it's like to be a girl!" Jordan said flipping through her spanish book.

"I bet you guys have a harder time then you." Colton replied.

"Would you two stop arguing! You two are alway at it. God! Give us all a break and shut up!" their friend Lauren said.

They both looked at Lauren then back at each other.

"Oh please," Jordan siad in a hushed voice. "You guys can do anything you want and like not get into trouble and girls can't."

"Yea? Well you guys can be treated better than guys." he replied.

"No we cant. And ya'll can have sex and it dosent matter." she added.

"Girls can too." he replied.

"No we cant! Without being labled a whore or slut or something."

The bell cut them both off before anything more was said. They grabbed their things and headed towards their lockers, which were coincidentally, right next to each other.

"I guess we will never know how each other lives untill we spend a while in each others shoes." Jordan said.

"Yea...Anyway, are we still on for tonight?" he asked.

"Of course. Pick me up at 6:30?" she replied with a raised eyebrow.

"Yup. See ya Jordie." he said and walked off.

Jordan pulled her Algebra book out of her locker and slipped it into her bag. She looked over and saw her friends staring at her. "What?"

"Nothing." they said.

"It is nothing! I swear to you." Jordan said with a smile.

"Sure it isnt." Elizabeth replied.

Jordan rolled her eyes anmd closed her locker. "Bye guys." she said and walked off.

~Later That Night~

"Colt, do we have to get into this agian?" Jordan said in a pleading tone.

"Fine, but that just means that girls are weak and can't hold their own." he replied with a smile.

Jordan hit him playfully in the arm and laughed. They got into his F-150 and drove out of her subdivision.

"Where are we headed?" he asked.

"I dunno." she replied. "Where do you want to go?"

He shruggged his shoulders.

They drove on. They didnt even see the car coming from the side. There was no lights, no horn, nothing.

"Holy shit!" Colton yelled as the two cars impacted.

"Colt!" was the last thing he heard before seeing darkness.

Jordan'd head hit the window and she felt extreme pain before welcoming the numbing darkness.

November 18, 2004

Baptist East Hospital

Memphis, Tennessee

Jordan's eyes opened and she looked around, her room was empty. She opened her mouth to talk but had now voice. She looked around for a buzzer or something to call the nurse. She had a killer headache and wanted to go back to sleep.

She found the buzzer and pushed it. A nurse bustled into the room and smiled. "Ahh your up! Your family was so worried about you. They went to the cafeteria to get a bite to eat. Do you need something?" she asked checking her stats.

"Medicine." she wispered.

"Ahh, you must have a nasty head ache. Ill get you a doctor and bring you some tylenol. Oh and I'll tell your parents you've woken." she said in a chipper voice then hurried out.

Colton cracked open an eye and looked around. His room was bare, except for some flowers on the nightstand. He wanted a nurse. Where was that buzzer, he asked himself. He found it and pushed it.

A nurse hurried in and smiled. "Ahh how delightful! You're friend is awake as well!" she said hurrying over to the bed.

Jordie! She was ok! He breathed a sigh of relief and smiled.

"A smile I see? Hmm...Well you must want some tylenol as well. Ill go fetch the doctor and your parents." she said and went away.

Jordan wanted her mother. She didnt have to wait long. but the woman who came through the door wasn't her mother, it was Colton's.

Colton wanted more than anything to see Jordie. He got up and began shuffling out of the room. He pulled his IV with him into the next room. He stopped at the door and stared at what was in front of him.

He was lying on the bed, well rather his body was lying on the bed. And it was staring back at him.

Jordan's eyes widened as she saw her body standing in the doorway. 'What the hell?' she yelped to herself.

"Colton?" she asked.