Chapter Three

"Colton!" Colton yelled when he saw his body.

Jordie turned and waved. "Hey!" he replied.

"He kissed me. He actually kissed me!" he said.

Jordie doubled over in laughter. This was absolutely hilarious to her.

"Very funny! God!" he yelled.

Jordan slowly stopped laughing and she looked up at him. "Well we have a busy day so lets get home."

"Colton rolled his eyes and followed her.

When they arrived at Jordans house Colotn led them down to her room. "Jordan, sit." she said and pointed to the chair.

Colton sat and waited. He watched his body open a dresser drawer and grab some make up. "First things first. Today, you made me look like a clown! Now, when you get out of the shower you dry your hair, pull it back out of your face and start with makeup." she began.

"This is a coverup stick." she said holding lipstick tube up.

And so on it went for hours until the basics were covered. "Now, as far as Brett goes. He knows the rules. No feeling up, no groping and no sex!" she said emphasizing the latter.

"Really? Ya'll havent um..ya know?" Colton replied.

"No we havent. And we wont. Now next lesson. You have to shave my legs!" Jordan yelped and grabbed her leg and lifted it.

She grabbed Coltons hand and drug him into the bathroom. They spent another hour and a half discussing hygene. "And so this is a tampon." she said holding one up.

"NO NO NO!" Colton yelled. He began backing up and sat down on the toilet. He propped his hands up and shook his head.

"Colton! Dont start with me! I have a freaking penis right now!" Jordan yelled.

"Jordie, whats going on?" a sweet voice asked.

Jordans eyes grew wide and she turned to see her mother standing there. "Um..." she began but remebered that she was now Colton.

"We were just discussing, sports..." Colton said with a blush.

"Oh, well dinner is ready. So you two need to come eat." she said and quickly exited, shutting the door behind her.

Jordan slapped a plam to her forehead and shook it. "This is never going to work! We need to come clean!"

"Jordan, do you know what would happen if we told people we switched bodies?" Colton asked, standing in front of his body. "We would be put in a mental institution! Hello!"

Jordan pouted a lip and loked at her face. "Damn it."

"What did you do?" he asked.

She lifted a hand and picked up a strand of hair. "I have split ends."

"Split ends are the least of our worries!" Colton yelled as Jordan walked out of the bathroom.

The next day Jordan sat at the lunch table with all of Colton's friends. She saw her friend looking at him and smiling. "Oh no." she said to herself. She liked him...her...Cotlon. NO!

She smiled and turned back to her food. "How could he eat this crap. Who ate cafeteria food?"

The doors flew open and closed and she saw her body walk in. She looked better today. Colton did have a hint of style, but he looked tousseled for some reason.

Jordan got up and went over to him. "Jordie, I dont know if I can do anything right now." he sais out of the corner of his mouth.

"Why? What did you do to me?" she replied.

"I started...bleeding today..." he said, embarrasment written on his face.

She burst out laughing. She was in tears when he started hitting her. "Im sorry, it's just hilarious!"

"No its not! I have something shoved up my hole and its bothreing me!"

"Well its only for a week, just get used to it. I had to get used to your Mr. Winkie down there springing up at inoppurtune moments!" she replied with a grin.

"Jordie you promised!" he said and drug her outside.

"What? I had to pee...I didnt know it was so...sensitive." she said, her face slowly going red. "You looked at me didnt you?"

He grinned. "Well, you are well endowed..."

"Bitch!" she said and hit his arm.

"Ow!" he replied and whacked her back.

"Colton! Jordan! Are you two fighting?" Mrs. Williams, their spanish teacher asked stopping in front of them.

"No we are learning dance moves." Colton replied.

Mrs. Williams gasped. "Jordan, you have never back talked before."

Jordan whacked Colton. "Idiot! Look what you're doing!"

Mrs. Williams grabbed both of their arms and drug them to the office. " I think you two need a little in school suspension to think about what you have done."

"My record." Jordan said, on the brink of tears.

"Your record Mr. Mathers, is no shining example." Mrs. Williams replied.

Colton looked at Jordan and thumped her. "Guys dont cry. Suck it up."

Jordan slitted her eyes. "This is war."