What I try not to do,
The thing you cannot understand,
Is be blind to the truth.

You let your emotions rule
Which can be alright, up to a point,
But there also comes a point
Where you have to step back
And face reality for a second.
Just a second; that's all that I ask.

I want you to see these things:
That forever is a dream, my love,
For love can't last that long,
And those who dream of forever are blind.

I tell you this for your own good;
Don't get too attached.
I hurt to see you blinded,
Loving so truly and so deeply
That all else pales to compare.

There was life before me,
And there will be life after
Though I know you can't see that, not now.
Probably not ever.

See, I took my own advice:
I held back, so I wouldn't have to let go.
I stuck with my head, not with my heart,
That crazed muscle, clutching and grasping,
Never reaching the thing it sought to attain.
I was cold, and I was happy,
And I realized one day that I was the one blinded
For you knew the truth all along.