In The End

We were never really friends

Five little words, just how much can they hurt?
Just how many lies, can be spread
From five simple little words

What we shared, throughout the years
What we believed, throughout this time
They were…but illusions we longed for…

The times of happiness, the times of sadness
We shared together, lived through together,
They had become, but the past

And the future is just ahead of us,
And we were so unprepared,
For the dawn of apocalypse

All this time, we were living in dreams
Not the reality, not the cruel world
And reality decided to pay us a visit

The talks we had during the dark hours
Left us in nights of tears,
Mistakes revealed, and there was no turning back….

No matter how may lies,
Even when lies become truth, and truth becomes lies
What happened then, could never change

We can't live in denial forever,
We can't move on, tangle up in the lies and the unknown
And a night of confrontation, changed it all

What we thought, what we believed
Our choices of action, our choices that were made
A story was created, a short tale of what was never a friendship

What happened now, what happened then,
Whatever will befall us in the future,
One fact still remains:

We were never really friends

~Soulless Wanderer

End Notes: Written today at school. I had plans to write a poem about this whole thing that
happened a while back, a conversation between Susie and me one night on AIM. And that
conversation made us realized certain things…and what happened in the past years is beyond
what we can change now…. If only some things haven't happened…all wishful thinking.