Leave This Wounded Soldier Be

I faced my battles with courage
I never, ever backed down
I brushed off every seige with ease
To an enemy I never bowed

But it's not an outside enemy
That stupefies my feeling
My end lies within my friends
At my skin they're always peeling

I never knew of things so dark
Or of such violent urges
Now I feel tempted to just end it
And give in to these evil surges

I fumbled, I crumbled
I slipped, tripped and stumbled
Inside a shadow inside of me
I'm weakened, I'm humbled
As my allies lower my self-esteem

I die a little more each day
As I walk among the fallen
And I know, in some hidious way
Someday I might just join them

My shield is crusted, my armor rusted
My sword is broken, my gun is busted
I keep falling into evil lusting
What happened to my quest for justice?

My armies turned against me
I can barely hold my fortress
When trouble lies within
This is the tip of the iceberg
It's only beginning
A battle you started that I have to end

I'm afraid you'll have to leave
But please don't feel depressed
I'm trying to protect you
From the monster I once suppressed

I must abandon my allies
I must turn now and flee
I must ask you this
Please leave this wounded soldier be