Chapter 1
Maya woke up to her sister knocking on the door, "Maya," Christy, Maya's sister, said, "I wanted to say 'Happy Birthday' before I left."
"Hmm? Oh thanks." Maya said as she started to wake up. "I'll see you when I get back."
"Okay sis. Bye." Christy went out of the room, and Maya went to sleep again. Twenty minutes later, Maya's alarm went off. At school, there was a sign that said, 'Happy Birthday Maya!' Besides people saying happy birthday to her, Maya's day was pretty normal.
The next day was Saturday, and Maya had her party that day. She had most of her friends there, except for Sara, who had a horse show that day. At Maya's birthday party, she and her friends talked about what they were going to do this summer, and how high school was going to be. From five to five fifteen, people left. At five thirty, Maya's family friends came over. A bunch of little kids came, and Maya's friend Noah. Noah and his family were neighbors to Maya and her family.
Noah and Maya were playing foosball in the basement.
"Oh yeah. So, you know what there saying upstairs?" Maya asked as she scored a goal.
"No, what?"
"Some one will say, 'oh Noah and Maya are going to be in high school together next year.' And then they'll say how old we've become and more junk like that."
"True. So are you ready to go to high school?"
"I guess I'll have to be." She thought for a second then said, "Am I ganna get lost?"
"No, you'll find your way around, really soon."
After being reassured, Maya asked, "are you working this summer? I've got a job."
"You're only fourteen! How did you get a job?" Noah said astonished.
"Down the road, there is a daycare center. I became friends with the daughter of the person who owns it."
"Are you getting paid well?"
"Not really, well see, she said that I some weeks I wouldn't get paid as well as others," when Noah gave her a confused look, she added, "not because I'm younger, but because they don't charge much for people to have their kids there, and so they don't have the money to spend. So I told I could not get paid, but she insists that I get paid something."
"That's cool. And to your question before, I don't have a job."
"You think you wanna work at the daycare center?"
"Would they let me? I thought they don't have the money to spare."
"Go tell them you have experience with little kids. Tell them that you have a little brother, and were old enough to take care of him when he was little. Then say that you don't need to be paid a lot."
"Would that work? I mean would they let me work there?"
"Yeah they need the help. Stupid people decided that since some weeks they wouldn't be paid normal wages, they wouldn't work."
"That sucks, well, I want the job! But how will I get there?"
Noah and Maya were trying to figure out how things would workout. By this time, they had stopped playing. The little kids came downstairs, and whined until they got to play foosball. Maya and Noah went and sat on the couch, the smallest kid Ben, who was four, came to sit on Maya's lap. She put in a Winnie the Poo movie. Ben slid off Maya's lap, and went to watch the movie.
After a long time they still didn't know how to work any of that out. Then they were called up for dinner. They decided that would some how bring it up to their parents.
"So Noah," Maya said loud enough for her parents to hear. "Do you have a job for this summer?"
"No," he replied just as loud. "I'm going to be doing nothing this summer."
"I'm working at a daycare center, too bad you cant work with me."
"Oh, that sounds like a good idea." Maya's mother said. "Noah should work at the daycare center, they need the help."
"He needs the work, and he is good with kids." Noah's mom said thoughtfully. "Where is this daycare center?"
"Just down the street." Maya's mom answered.
"Oh I guess he can't work there," Noah's mom said sorrowfully.
"You could always take him, or he can drive, oh sorry he isn't sixteen yet." Maya's mom thought out-loud.
"I could take him there, but I am teaching summer-school and it's an hour away. It starts at eight o'clock." Noah's mom said.
"You could always leave him here, and then they, I mean Noah and Maya, can walk to the daycare center."
Noah's mom thought for a while. "Ok, but do you mind Noah coming at seven in the morning?"
"Oh, of course not." Maya's mom explained how Maya's dad got up at six in he morning, and how she didn't try to go back to sleep.
"Wow. Hey Noah! Do you want to go work at the daycare center down the road?"
"Sure, why not. Sound. fun." Noah winked at Maya. Their plan had worked.
After a little while, Maya and Noah went downstairs. They talked about the summer and more about high school. Soon after, Noah and his family left.