Just a little note: so I kind of based Noah on a real person. And he really does come to my house every year. And so he came over the other day. And I look at his picture to make me happy and have really good inspiration for this story; I'm going to have Noah in the future chapters more now! And to Mel, I'm sorry to what I did to you in this chapter. I'll do something about it later, maybe.

After her "conversation" with Noah, Maya was really depressed. She didn't realize how much she liked Noah until a couple days before. And she just found out that he liked her too. On Sunday afternoon, Maya and Nina were on the phone.
"He said what!?" Nina said, completely shocked.
"He said he liked me, but he didn't say for how long. He said something like 'do you know how long I've liked you?' it was odd."
"Are you guys going out?"
Nina was filled with sorrow with Maya's answer. "How can you not be going out?" Nina didn't even let Maya answer. "You both like each other! It only makes sense you two go out!"
"Nina," Maya said calmly, even though Nina was frantic. "He is going to another school! He needs to get his mac on with some other girls. He doesn't need to be held down by me."
"God damn it Maya. Tell him you wanna go out with him!"
"But I don't."
"You heard me."
"But why?!"
"I really like Noah. You have no idea, maybe you do. When did you have your biggest crush?"
"That doesn't matter! Tell me why!"
"Okay, I really, really, really, like Noah. But I guess, I don't know. Okay. I always pictured Noah as like the ideal guy. Not a dumb ass, and not you know, someone who flirts with all the girls. But this summer I found out a lot more about him. And I still like him, but my picture of him has changed."
"Okay, I guess I get that, but do you need to go and look at your computer, and see his actual picture?"
"Not that kind of picture."
"I know. Any way, okay, he acts differently than you pictured, right."
"Okay, so does he act the same he's always acted around you?"
"Well, I don't know. He acts different when around other people. But when it's just us, he acts the same I guess."
"well, if you have made up your mind, I can't change It." they talked little longer about homework, and then they hung up."
Maya went on to the internet, and checked her email. She had an email from Noah, entitled: ? The email said:

Hey Maya, ok, mayb you dont wanna hear from me, but what do you mean nothing is ganna happen Btween us. What do you mean? And why not? ok email me later *Noah

Maya laughed at his email. He always combined shorthand and good grammar. Maya responded to his email with:

ok, Noah. we already got the whole likin eachother out. now listen, nomatter how much i like u, ur goin to another school, and you need to be all flirty with the girls, and be all macho w/ the guys. so, do you get it? you need to be unattached to my school, and be attached to your new school.

~Maya~ ps, Good Luck on your first day of school: D

Maya couldn't believe she was telling him this, but she knew she had to. She was debating in her head whether or not she should send it, but while she was thinking, she hit enter, and sent the email.
Maya realized she had a Latin test and decided to study. On Monday, Maya ran into her friend Farah.
"So, I heard Noah moved?" said Farah.
"Yeah, it sucks."
"Didn't you two spend the summer together?"
"Sort of, why?"
"Well, I don't know. I just wondered."
"Any way, how's life, don't answer, that is the stupidest question to ask. Oh crap! Can I talk to you later? I need to get my disk?" Maya waited for Farah to nod, and she ran off to get her disk from Heather.
After school, Maya saw Farah again. "Maya," Farah said. "Do you know Noah's email?" Maya nodded. "Okay, come with me. Farah took Maya to Ken's locker. "Ken, Maya has Noah's email."
"You do?" ken said excited to Maya.
"Um yeah, do you want me to write it down for you?"
"Yeah, could you?"
"sure." Maya got out a piece of paper and wrote Noah's email on it, and gave it to Ken.
"Thanks, you're a lifesaver. My computer decided to erase all the people and their emails from my address place."
"No problem, at least Noah introduced us before he left."
"Yeah do you know how long he'll be their?"
"I don't know exactly. It'll depend on how much he likes the school. He'll be around his house, to visit his mom."
"Okay thanks. I gatta go. Thanks again for his email."
"No problem." Maya said to Ken. When he went away, Maya looked at Farah and said, "This was why we had to run over here?"
"Yeah. Guess who his girlfriend is?" Maya raised her right eyebrow, and Farah started to laugh. "Me stupid! We've been goin' out for a while! That's why I had to get you; Ken does a lot for me. So I figured I could get him a way to get Noah's email."
"You're such a weirdo. Okay, I gatta go."
"Bye." Maya walked to the driveway to get picked up, when she saw Mel. "Mel!" she said loud enough for Mel to hear. "Guess who I just talked to."
"Who?" Mel asked.
"Someone you never stop talking about."
"REALLY? Oh my god! What did you say to him? What did he say to you? Oh my god." Mel stopped talking for a second then said to Maya, "I hate you."
"Any way, you know who I was talking to before that?"
"Your beloved's girlfriend. Sorry. Sorry twice. She's my friend."
"Wait he has a girlfriend?" Mel said completely shocked. Then she realized the last part of what Maya said. "How do you know her?"
"She's my friend. My cousin and her brother are friends, they used to be neighbors. That's how we got to know each other."
"How does she know Ken?" Mel said her anger growing.
"First don't kill me, don't try to kill me, you know it won't work. Second I don't completely know, but she is friends with Tammy."
"Who's Tammy?" Mel said Tammy with a female-doggish attitude.
"Well, if you really knew any thing about Ken, you would know that he has a twin sister. A sister named TAMMY! I bet you don't know anything about him."
"I know he's really hot!" by this time Maya was extremely fed up. She just walked away. Mel stood there so mad; her face was becoming the same color as her hair.