The Third Day


David Maclennan looked back at the helipad as they were lifting off from the ground. It looked so small from such a tall height. He held tight his Colt M4 in his hands. He couldn't get an Artic Warfare so they had given him this instead.

David Maclennan was almost thirty years old. Graduated from Harvard with Honors, and continued his studies until his mother and father were assassinated when he was in the very same house on their anniversary. The criminal had gotten away in their car, took their money, and had left David to find his mother and father dead on their bed, with knives in their chests. On one of the knives was the scribbled note, 'Happy Anniversary!'

David had sworn revenge on the criminal and had joined Russia's Secret Agency, and had found the criminal after ten long years. The criminal was the Don of a Russian Mafia who had wanted to gain revenge on David's mother and father because they didn't pay back their wares they had borrowed. David, on orders, had killed the Don and had redistributed the money among the people the Don had stole them from.

David put the Colt on his lap and looked at his other team mates. Rookies, he thought angrily. These ones have never experienced true war. But he was very wrong.


Kira Solassis, the only girl on the team of rescuers looked down at her hands. Her age was twenty three. She was extremely hurt- she had missed Mother's Day, as well as her little brother's birthday because of this.

She had been chosen of 50 Iowa agents to come out here and do this mission. They were all ranked, and she was at the top. The only reason why she got in- she didn't know what she was competing for.

She looked at her two Desert Eagles in her lap, and sighed. She was a killer, a Hit. She had been hired twenty times to kill by the FBI. She had killed two Terrorists, three assassins, and fifteen possible killers. They were all guilty of crime. Kira hated her line of work, and braced herself- she was defiantly going to hell.


San Wan Kim looked at his team in awe. They all looked so equipped, so ready for anything. He admired their courage and strength. If they were really scared, then they certainly were not showing it.

San Wan's weapon was a Colt Single Action Army- a gun with a chamber that could hold six bullets. He had brought 300 in a box. He was an nineteen year old university student and was getting A's. He was working for the Hong Kong Police Department in his own spare time, and working for them had required him to learn a little bit of English. He had learned the whole language in a week. His Auto-Shotgun was lay beside him, fully loaded. He had brought his Colts in a bag, as well as the ammo for both guns. He could carry both.

San Wan had become a cop when there was a firefight in a mall. He was one of the witnesses. Policemen had stormed the area, and San Wan feeling as if he was needed, and grabbed on of the Colts on the ground that a dead policemen had possessed, and fired off six rounds, each into the thieves head. After that he had become a man of god, and spent other spare moments at church, praying for forgiveness of the sins he had committed.


Rowan Kiefel looked outside the window, clutching his tiny handgun that he had brought from MI6. It was the only one they had in stock. Rowan Kiefel was forty years old, and had little streaks of grey hair. After stopping MI6 from being taken over by assassins, he had been knighted by the queen, making him one of her knights of the Royal Round Table. He lived with his wife Portia and two kids Sunny and Jules, both boys.

He had been chosen for this mission by the Queen herself. Rowan had always despised the Americans. They always need help from the English he had always thought. Apparently some terrorist had bombed an unmapped city that did not show up on the map anywhere at all. Apparently, the population was 100,000 people.

MI6 and Rowan were being made twenty million for this mission. The Queen had given him the mission folder. It was code named- Deception Point. He had no idea at all how this was related to the mission.


"Twenty minutes."

David looked up from polishing his Colt and looked through the co-pilot's window. A small little city could be seen, about the size of a thumbnail only a few hundred kilometers away from their point.

"Ok people, this is one mission. I'll give each of you radios so you can contact me once you're done your search. I'll go back to the nearest PD and fill up. I'll wait there until you contact me. The mission- find any survivors and bring them back here. It wasn't a very powerful bomb, and didn't have a long radius. There was also a research facility there that had large quantities of the Ebola Virus. Before you left, we injected you with the immunization for it- you should all be fine. Also, there was a shut down power plant. There may be high levels of radiation in some areas. I've given Mr. Maclennan a radiation meter. ETA: fifteen."

David looked at his team. they looked jumpy, a bit nervous. He looked at the English MI6 guy.

"Um, excuse me?" The man turned.

"I'm David Maclennan."

The man looked puzzled, then laughed.

"I'm Rowan Kiefel, MI6, British Secret Service."

David sighed, knowing that this guy was a bragger. He decided to drop the conversation.

"Hi, I'm David Maclennan," he said to the man beside him. The man looked at him with deep brown eyes.

"My name is San Wan."

David looked at him for more, but San Wan just turned to the window again and began to day dream. He turned to the woman.

"I'm David."

She turned and smiled.

"I'm Kira."

Then she turned towards the window.

party poopers these people are.


They all jumped off the helicopter, then the pilot got out and killed the engine.

"Well, here we are. Town is half a kilometer north. Can't land too close or it'll kill the engine."

They all nodded, and began towards the town. The pilot got back into the helicopter, and yelled to them,

"Good luck!" The waved back and began to jog to their destination.

As the helicopter ascended into the air, the pilot sneered at them.

"You'll need it."