The Third Day -

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David's heart stopped for a second. Rowan was sitting there in a tight leather suit, holding what looked like a Harrier mini-gun. Rowan smiled again, and David noticed he had a cigarette.

"Nice show you people put on. It was fun while it lasted, but not for long. Orders from my head honcho to kill you all." David growled, but Loa held him back. She stepped forward.

"Rowan, don't do this. Pinaye is dead. We killed him in his Harrier." Rowan let out a deep evil laugh that echoed around the whole heliport. David turned to her in terror.

"You know him?!"

"I don't work for Pinaye babe, I work for the leader of Yyse Corp. I'm not aloud to mention his name...but you'll soon find out in hell...that's where his son is. Don't worry. You won't be alone...entirely. Besides, what you've all done in the past serves you right to go to hell."

"What about you?!" retorted Kira. "What're you doing now?"

"Oh nothing. I'm waiting for the other projects to come and kill you. Besides, we've got twenty Harriers waiting for you outside the city, complete with heat-seeking missiles. And if that doesn't work, this place is wired to blow."

"But we saw a chunk of your neck taken! How can you survive that?!" Rowan laughed.

"There's a doctor downstairs, her name's Madison Steele. She was working here under my eye, tending to my wounds. To tell you the truth, that wasn't exactly suppose to happen. It wasn't that serious, and looked deadly, but it wasn't that big of a chunk. I was going to make a seen, killing myself so you would think I was dead...but the time came too early, so I decided to make the best of it."

"You bastard!"

"Oh don't call me that, I was hired to do this. I didn't want to actually hurt anybody, but orders are orders. I'm sorry folks, it was nice knowing you. The projects have arrived." Rowan turned, and then another Beta, Alpha, and some kind of other one came up. Rowan sneered.

"Madison volunteered for Alpha." David looked, and gasped. There was a woman there, with a helmet over her head, looking as if she had been brainwashed.

"Yes, that is Madison. Anyway, go." Alpha stepped forward, showing two huge machine guns impossible for a human to carry.

"Guard the chopper! I'll take care of it!"

"Don't kill her!" cried Loa. Kira nodded, and fired at Alpha's knee. It buckled, and a speaker on Alpha's back roared. Rowan laughed again.

"She's being controlled. It's my boss."

Kira fired again, and again it buckled and roared. She began to sprint towards Alpha. It opened fire. She kept running and rolled under Alpha. She fired two shots into Alpha's groin. It fell, its lower half disabled. It propped itself up on one arm, and then fired at Kira as she ran around it. She noticed there was some kind of fuse box on its back. If she shot it, it would probably explode along with Madison.

"David!" she yelled over the deafening roar of machine gun fire, "we need to get Madison out!" Kira ducked for the fuse box, and began to pull out all the wires that were sticking out of it. Electricity crackled as she pulled out everything. It was still for a moment, then fell. Kira quickly rolled out of the way, and it fell. She grabbed the helmet, and ripped it off. Madison suddenly came awake.

She had long brown hair, and had two earrings in each. She was quite pale, and looked extremely scared.

"Wa? W-where am I?!"

"You're safe now. Just calm down, and you'll be fine."

"Get me out of here! Rowan will kill me!"

"Hold on-" Madison kicked Kira, and then got out of the suit and ran into the helicopter, and shut the door. At the same moment, Beta ran forward and scratched for David. David veered to the side, and fired six shots into its back with Loa's Glock. It roared, and then ran for him again. David jumped left, and then fired two more shots. It whimpered, and then fell to the ground. Rowan was speechless.

"That was easy." Rowan was still not saying anything. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a huge man stepped up. He was wearing a long trench coat, and was holding a huge axe.

"Aw hell no..." The man roared and then charged forward, almost striking the chopper. David ran behind it and fired two shots into its head. It said 'uh' stupidly, and then chased after David. Karen had fainted. Loa looked behind her, and Madison was in the pilot's seat, turning on the chopper.

"Madison! No!" Madison flew up, and then off into the sky.

"Shit!" David ducked under one of its swings, and then fired again. It roared in pain, and charged. David jumped to the right, and fired- but no bullet left the chamber. He screamed for help. Kira was beside Karen, helping her.

"I need more ammo!" Loa nodded, and then slid a magazine through Gamma's legs. David picked it up and jammed it into his gun. He got up and slid through the man's legs, and fired. He froze, and then fell down, apparently dead. David got up slowly, and held Loa's Glock firmly in his hands. It didn't move. David turned to Rowan, and held up the gun.

"Don't move you bastard." Rowan laughed.

"It's not dead yet silly." David turned, and saw the man running towards him. In a split second, he heard 'whoosh' and a second later he saw the man flying back off the edge of the helipad. Rowan's jaw dropped. David looked up, and saw the sun rising. There was the Hawk, and Madison was piloting it.


David ran towards the chopper which was now a metre from the ground. He grabbed on, and hoisted himself up. Then he helped San Wan, Kira, Karen, and Loa up. Rowan was still there, smiling.

"Don't worry. This won't be the last time you see me." David raised his gun to fire, but someone else beat him to it. It was Karen. Rowan grabbed his neck in pain, dropping his gun. Blood spurted out of his mouth. He made some gurgling noises, and then fell.

"Get the hell out of here!" Loa, now in the pilot's seat yanked the joystick up, and the Hawk skyrocketed into the skys. As the entered the clouds, an explosion could be heard below them. The descended, and then came down to the city. There was nothing there. Everything had been demolished. Only a little bit of the 'man' was left there. Looked like some dismembered body parts. David exhaled silently, and turned to Loa who was smiling, and who was piloting the Hawk towards the military base. San Wan turned to Madison.

"Thanks for saving us Madison." Madison smiled.

"You're welcome Simon." Karen raised an eyebrow.


"English name. I found her downstairs in the complex. She was too worried to talk about Rowan." He laughed. Madison laughed too. Kira seemed quiet. David got up and sat beside her. She smiled at him.

"Well what're we doing now?" David smiled.

"We're going back to the military base not too far from here. We'll have our talk there."

Kira smiled.

"It's a date."

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