Rain is lovely this time of year -
Small droplets, falling out of God's eyes
Onto the burning pavement,
Soaking my hair and blending in
With the droplets dripping off my eyelashes.

The sky is infinite, and its suffering small,
Because God is purity and knows no Catharsis;
But I am not yet close to being as tall, as grand, as ancient -
Therefore, I must taste my inner rain
In order to know the meaning of Sunlight.

It is raining not because Eternity
Knows not the meaning of beautitude;
Not because God is suffering for humanity -
For we are nothing but fractions of Divinity
Striving to get out of its cramped shell;
The rain outside is but a painting of my heart,
Reflected onto the canvas
That is the outside world -
Seen through my eyes.