"What business did you have talking to that guy? Huh?! Answer me you fucking bitch!" Jake screamed at his girlfriend Jessica.

He slapped her in the face hard leaving a bright red handprint on her cheek. Blood dripped down the sides of her mouth in a trail of crimson red. She licked the spot tasting the bitter saltiness of the warm thick liquid. Tears began to stream down her face, like a hot torrent river of sadness, and anger. She looked up at this monster. His eyes flaming with madness, his expression hardened.

He reached towards her hair, and yanked it towards him. She came stumbling into him. "You fucking little whore! Do you have some problem answering me? Answer me now you good for nothing slut!" He screamed in her ear.

Jessica finally answered, "I told you before Jake, we're just friends."

Jessica waited for the cruel blow he was too deliver. She never got it. She just stood there in total suprise, and pain. Abatch of new tears replaced the old ones. Jake looked at her again, his expression now softened. He came closer to her, and held her in his arms. "Shh don't cry. I'm sorry baby, I can't help it. Please forgive me." He whispered into her ear.

Jessica rested her small head against Jake wide firm shoulders. She felt a hand stroke her blonde hair with lovingness. Why did she put up with this? He was so sweet, and nice to her when they first met, but that quickly changed. Now he was always yelling at her, insulting her, or worse yet beating her. He would then show his softside, and she would be thrown into the pit yet again.

"I'll take you home Jessica." Jake told her. He released his embrace from her, and lead her to his car. The night was cool, and fresh. Feeling a need for a fresh cleansing, Jessica denied the ride.

"Jake I think I'll walk home." Jessica whimpered.

Jake just huffed into his house, and slammed the door. Faced with nothing, but the journey home, and the cool fresh air Jessica started walking home. On the way she began to think about some other things. Like school, work her family. Love.

What exactly was love? She couldn't tell anymore. She thought her boyfriend loved her, but it was obvious he didn't. Her family didn't really seem to pay much attention to her anymore, and she had shied away from her friends.

She then heard a set of foot steps behind her. She quicken her pace, and so did they. She took off in a full fledged sprint. Her footsteps falling heavy on the pavement, crunching the leaves beneath her. Her breath became short, and rapid. After a half a mile her joints began to ache, her lungs burning for oxygen. Sweat furrowed down her brow. She looked behind her, to the person still on her trail. She should have been more cautious because soon she tripped on the pavement, and came crashing down. She tried to ignore the pain searing through her body, and get up. Unfortunately for her the guy got ahold of her. She looked into his angry brown eyes in fear.

"Please don't hurt me." She softly cried out to him.

He didn't say anything, he just picked her up, and drug her to the nearest private area. This happened to be behind a row bushes at a park. He laid her down into the grass, and crawled on top of her.

He looked into the girls wide azure blue eyes, that were littered in fear. He bent down, and kissed her on the mouth.

She struggled to get away from him, but found it useless. He was just way too strong for her. She shuddered as he moved down to her neck, and kissed that. She then felt the fabric of her shirt being removed, along with his. He made quick work of her bra too, and her 36C breasts came into his playing field. He pinched one of her nipples hardening it. Then moved his head lower suckling on the other one. Impatient he hiked up her skirt, and reached his hands into her underwear.

She could feel his fingers climbing into her. She bucked in pain, as she felt them moving around in her. He nibbled on her neck softly, and continued his strokes in her cunt.

After a few minutes he felt a warm liquid pour into his hands. He smiled, and took off his pants, and boxers. She screamed shrilly, stabbing the silence, and peacefulness like a knife. Then everything went black for her.

The next morning Jessica woke up in her bedroom. She had no memory of how she got their. She tried to get up, but her legs wouldn't keep her up. After a few failed attempts she was finally able to make it to the shower. She stripped off the clothing from her 5'6 slender body. She looked at her thighs, and saw a dry trail of brown blood caked onto her thigh. She reached a shaky hand to the shower knobs, and made the tempature as hot, as she could handle it. She placed one foot in the shower, and then the other one. She let the stream of hot water pour onto her body; cleansing whatever evil she felt was left upon her. She washed her hair building a lather, and then rinsing it. She then took a sponge, and poured some bodywash on it. As she washed her skin the cuts, and bruises of last night caused her to wince. She didn't stop however as she became fascinated by the rich lather forming on her body. She began to cry again.

What had she done to deserve this? She was nice to people, treated them with respect. However the world was full of shit she realised. She turned off the water, and stepped out of the shower, quickly wrapping her body in a towel. She dried the wetness from her body, doing so she caught a glimpse of herself. Damn she was so fucking ugly. She thought to herself, with shame in her thoughts. She put on a pair of clothes, and went back to her room.

Once in her room she started sobbing once again, this time in her pillow. Her emotions racked through her body one by one. Sadness, betrayal, anger, hate, love, lust, greed, and so on. Each emotion escaping her body like a knife being pulled out roughly. Unable to take it anymore, she reached for an exacta knife, and placed it at her wrists.

She would end her life, that's what she'd do. The world didn't need her. Her friends would cry at first, but then move on as if though they never knew her. Her family would grieve too, then forget. Her rapist would be overjoyed, because she couldn't put him away.

As she placed the cold sharp blade on her pulsing vein she heard the phone ring. Reluctantly picking it up, she answered "Hello?"

"Hey Jessica what's wrong?" The voice answered.

Jessica was shocked, she knew this girl, but couldn't place her name. Somehow she knew she could trust her. "I'm about ready to kill myself."

"What? Why?" The girl yelled in total shock, and fear.

"Last night my boyfriend beat me up, then when I was walking home he followed me, and raped me. I can't deal with this shit anymore. I don't want to face the pain anymore. I don't want to be haunted by my emotions of negativity." Jessica cried out.

There was silence at the end, finally the girl replied, "Jessica things well get better, before they get worse. Of course too you're choosing the worst because death sounds like the next worse thing to rape. If you kill yourself you'll selfishly rape the lives of others. Your parents well think about what they did wrong, your friends will assume that you didn't love them enough to continue on. Your future soul mate will lose you, and live a life of despair, and loneliness."

Jessica looked down, "Thanks I, it hurts so much. I just want someone to talk to."

"You can talk to me." She answered

"Are you positive? You won't stab me in the back?" Jessica asked tearfully.

"Of course not." She yelled

Jessica for once smiled, she told this girl bye, and hung up the phone. She then looked out the window. The pain wouldn't go away anytime soon, but in time her wounds would heal somewhat. No need to be picking the scab.


It had been exactly six months since Jessica was raped by her boyfriend Jake, they had been going out for a year before the incident.

She had only told a select few, and begged them not too call the cops. At this time she was in her room wearing shorts, and large black T-shirt. She looked at the ceiling, but all she could see was the face of her ex. A twist of evil bought into his features She whimpered as a painful flashback was thrown to her.


She felt something grab onto her, and drag her to an empty park behind some bushes. Fear gripped at her heart like a tight fist clenched around something. She tried to escape, but found out her attacker was too strong. He pinned her to the ground, and started to touch her all over her body; violating her.


Jessica woke up from the trance screaming. No one was home to hear her. She stopped when she realised it was all a terrible flashback. With no one to talk to she rested her head on the pillow and sobbed. She wanted someone to talk to so bad. She wanted to be loved by someone. Her parents were always to busy for her, and she had shied away from her friends. After a minute she heard the phone ring.

"Hello?" Jessica answered

"O.K bad timing" Some girl muttered, "Oh hey is Jessica there?"

"Yeah this is her." Jessica exclaimed trying to hide her emotions.

Of course her friend wasn't fooled for a minute. "Fess up buddy what's wrong?"

Jessica looked at the floor as guilt entered her mind, and soul. Her vision became distorted. A huge fist tried to grab her, and shove her down to the ground. Jessica began to scream primally.

"Get it off of me! Stop! Someone help me!" She screamed to no one.

"Jessica calm down now! It's just a flashback!" Her friend yelled at her.

Jessica snapped back to reality, she stared at the phone. "I think I need to go now. Bye."

She hung up the phone, and walked around the house. As she did she came across a photo of her, and Jake. They had been going out for a year before he raped her. How could he do this to her? She loved him, and thought he loved her back. Boy was she wrong. A few tears slipped down her cheeks. She then tore up the photo, and threw the pieces to the floor. Her knees buckled, and she came crashing down on the floor. Hugging her knees to her chest she cried, and cried. Soaking her jeans with warm tears. How could he have done this to her? He took away her innocence, and purity. It was a wonder she wasn't pregnant. She didn't want a life creation made by hate, and torment.

She had felt so trapped, like a mouse being cornered by a cat. When he had her naked, and to his liking he tormented her even more. Kissing at her neck hard. Sucking on her breasts, all while touching the smooth soft flesh of her stomach, and thighs.


The next day was a school day, and Jessica was rather happy to get her mind on school work. When she got there she saw her friend leaning against the wall staring at something. When Jessica turned around she saw the figure of a tall 18 year old guy. He had a mass of unruly spiky purple, black hair. His tall 6' frame had a lot of muscle to it. His long oval shaped face held the details of deep eyes, an average nose, and mildly expressionless mouth. His eyes were a purplish colour, by contacts no doubt. No wonder her friend was staring at him!

The guy turned around, and then glanced at Jessica, emotionless as usual. Then walked off. Jessica confused by all this, walked up to her friend. "Hey who is that guy?"

"That's my cousin. Damn has he ever changed. He used to be quite normal looking." She said, then a look of concern filled her eyes.

Jessica asked her what was up, but the only reply she received was a "..Never Mind just umm, see you later."


"You like her, don't you?" Rachel, Jessica's friend asked her cousin.

"Sure I've fallen head over heels in love with the blonde ditz. Right." Her cousin scoffed.

"Brandon I know you. Whenever you see someone you like you get a look of pain on your face." Rachel then looked at her cousin who looked hurt in some way.

Brandon who looked somewhat depressed, snapped back to reality, and snapped, "Yeah well it's not like she would like me!"

Rachel decided not to prod further. She knew her cousin, and what had happened. He used to look like a jock, and was going out with a fine looking girl. Soon however she broke his heart when he tried stepping out of his cliché. She broke up with him, dumped him like a stray cat into the streets. As a big fuck you the preps he changed his look.

Rachel had to do something, but what?


Jessica had science for her next class. They were to discuss a new topic that day, and explore it for a couple of weeks. As she took her seat, and began taking out her supplies, she noticed the new guy was in the classroom. The teacher pointed to the seat next to Jessica. Brandon took his seat with out a word, and he too got out his supplies, and a small black sketch book.

Jessica looked at his sketchbook carefully for any trace of his personality, and found names of bands, anarchy symbols, and some lyrics.

"Hey can I look at your drawings?" Jessica asked.

"Yeah, but they are pretty graphic." Brandon monotonously replied, while handing her the book.

As Jessica looked at the pictures she realised he was right. The drawing depicted bloody images of people. In one picture she could see three figures hanging from a branch ,the rope ablaze. Their eyes were bulging out of their heads, and their tongues were lolled to the side. Below them was a girl who had a look of triumph. She quickly turned the pages until she found one that really got her attention. A nude teenage boy was drawn bonded to a chair. His arms stretched out above his head by thick ropes. His legs were bonded to two different polls. Blood marks streamed down his body, and a look of anguish was shown on his face. Next to the boy as the same girl who had hung the three guys. This time she had on a black cloak, and a whip.

Jessica put the book down, and stared at the board in a trance. Soon a flashback took over. Not here she thought.


He had her legs thrusted open now, and was ready to take her. His large cock head touched her opening, and he pushed himself all the way into her. He pumped into her, in deep broad strokes

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jessica in the middle of class began to convulse, and shake. She ran out of the room screaming for help. Brandon looked around the room, but no one would move.

"Oh fuck you too." Brandon mumbled as he ran off to get Jessica.

The teacher just ignored it, and continued teaching the class.


Brandon ran down the halls in attempt to find Jessica. What had caused that? He wondered to himself. His drawings had never made someone go berserk like that before. Then he spotted her sitting in a corner crying. Pain over took his heart as he himself began to cry too.

He walked to Jessica, and sat down. Both looked at each other, Jessica did something suprising. She buried her face in Brandon's shoulders. Tears began to soak his sleeve, but he didn't care. He was too busy comforting her, and crying himself. They had both been raped in someway. It hurt like hell to be alone in the world.


Jessica sat on her bed, legs hanging over the edge. She stared at the blank TV screen in her room. Thoughts overflooded her head about Brandon. She felt so in love with him, but she knew she had to be careful. Maybey she could ask Rachel what her cousin was like? All she knew at the moment was the warmth, and comfort she felt when she was with him, at that one brief moment. A tear slid down her cheek, and she smiled. Then she actually laid down on her bed, and fell asleep


` Brandon was sitting on the couch eating some caramel popcorn, and drinking coke. As he too stared at the TV's blank screen he couldn't help but think about Jessica. The way she felt in his arms just felt so right. He had to face the fact that he felt in love with her. It wasn't a lust type love like his last one, but something more. However if she had been through something difficult he didn't want to her ask her yet. As Brandon finished the last of the popcorn he threw the bag away, and headed for bed.


"Brandon Kamichi, and Jessica Takioush, you'll be partners for the science project." The science teacher told them.

Jessica looked at Brandon as if to say, "Is that ok?"

"Now as you all know you are too pick a topic on one of the mating habits of a species. I expect a full report by January 17th." The teacher made note of before he let the class go wild, on the project.

Of course there were questions like, "Can we do the mating habit of a human?" Followed by a blunt, "No."

"So Jessica umm when would be a good time to work on this?" Brandon asked.

"Will let's see I have practice until 5, and I work erm how about we talk about it at El Crapi Cafe?" Jessica asked.

"The crap cafe?" Brandon speculated.

Jessica just rolled her eyes, "So it's set then?"

"Yeah o.k" Brandon stated.

Now they still had 30 minutes till class was over. None of them said anything, and just sat there doing nothing. Brandon started to look at Jessica. He loved the way the light reflected off her golded blonde hair, it made it look like she was an angel. Her azure bluegreen eyes looked as if though the oceans of hawaii were trapped intheir. He just wanted to grab onto her, hug her, kiss her, and not let go.

What Brandon didn't know was that he was being thought about to by Jessica. Jessica had occasionally stole quick glances here, and there. She loved the way his black, and purple mussed spiky hair reflected in the light. The way his dark purple eyes always seemed to hold such mystery, and love. She just wanted him to hold her, hug her, kiss her, never let her go.

Finally the bell rang, and the students left for their next class. As Jessica was walking down the hall to her next class she was stopped by her ex. "Hey Jessie how's it going?" Jake smirked at her.

"Jake let me by, please." Jessica pleaded with the monster.

Jake just smiled at her, and grabbed hold of her wrist, squeezing it hard. He could see tears in her eyes. "I love it when girls cry, it makes them look so damn weak, and vulnerable."

He then slammed her against the wall, and pressed his lips firmly to hers. He had her arms pinned above her head, with one hand. His other hand was busy roaming her body. Jessica became so overflooded with emotions. She then felt his knee grinding her crotch in quick smooth motions. He grabbed her around the waist, and would left her up to the upper part of his leg grinding her crotch all the way down to his knee. He continued this for awhile. He could here a select few of whimpers coming out of her.

Soon Jessica could feel a tingling sensation in her. She started crying harder, as she felt the pressure increase. Pretty soon she was cumming. Jake dropped her on the ground.

"Hey everybody, look at this slut!" Jake shouted.

Brandon turned around to see Jake pointing at Jessica who was on the floor curled up in the fetile position. What the hell had happened? Did that guy just violate her in front of a whole hallway of students. He then saw this guy kick her hard in the stomach.

"Get the hell away from her you fucking dipshit!" Brandon screamed as he ran to tackle Jake.

He was able to easily able to beat Jake with his fists. Jake countered that by kneeing Brandon. When he had the upperhand he began to pound Brandons head on the floor. As Jessica watched the whole incedent she began to cry softly. As Brandon looked at her a new wave of strength found his way to his body. He threw Jake off of him, and was about to punch the everleaving shit out of him, when it Jake once again suprised them with the upperhand.

"O.K break it up! Jake Yomonon in the office now."

Jake grumbled as he was lead to the office. Brandon watched them go by, and then looked down at Jessica. Her once styled hair was now a mess with sweat. Her eyes were red from crying, and her expression was grim. Brandon helped her up, and walked her to his car. Tough shit if he was ditching.

The drive to his house was a quiet sullen one. The silence was broken only by the few select cries Jessica gave. Finally the car stopped, and Brandon looked at Jessica. "Please tell me what's wrong."

"It's nothing o.k I'm just being a baby, and I don't need you to help!" Jessica cried out.

Brandon looked at the steering wheel, and began to cry himself. He loved her, but it was obviouse that it would take a long time before she reached out to him. "I just wanted to help. That's all. I love you." He whispered hoping she didn't hear it.

But she did, "What did you say?"

"Nothing o.k" Brandon anwered her back.

"It sounded like you said..."

"Jessica I love you." Brandon softly choked.

Jessica's eyes watered up again, she quickly looked out the window hoping he wouldn't notice. He loved her? It had to be a joke. Of course he had saved her from Jake today. Maybey he did, but she didn't want to jump in to soon. Suddenly she could feel the truck come to a sudden stop. Suprised she looked at Brandon who was crying.

"Jessica would you please just tell me what's wrong with you? I mean you ran out of science class last week just after you were convulsing, and shaking. I've seen you eat, and needless to say an ant couldn't live off of that. Then today that guy hurt you." Brandon cried out to her.

Jessica looked into his purple eyes that seemed to be so full of pain. Then it hit her like a semi, another flashback. Her whole body froze, and her expression seemed lost, and helpless. Her breathing became shaky, and her body began to tremble. Just slightly at first, but then it increased to a fullblown wave of trembles

Brandon looked at her worriedly. He reached his hand to touch her arm, but as soon as he made contact she began to scream.

"Don't touch me! Get away from me! Please get away from me! Stop it!" Jessica cried out histerically.

Brandon watched in total shock then as Jessica began banging on the windows, and dash board. It seemed she was still lost in her trance. After about five minutes she finally snapped back to reality. She looked at her hands which were turning black, and blue. She then looked at Brandon.

Brandon just stood there shocked. He could see the pain, and suffering in her eyes. He then scooted closer to her, so she could place her head on his shoulders, and cry.

And cry she did, as soon as her head hit his shoulder a rack of sobs of escaped her body. They seemed to come from the innermost depths of her soul. Brandon pulled her closer to him, and began stroking her now tangled blonde hair.

"Why? Why did this have to happen?" Jessica sobbed into Brandon's shoulders.

Brandon lifted Jessica's head up, causing their eyes to meet. "Jessica please tell me what happened."

Jessica quickly looked down to the trucks floor, and bit her lip. She could feel his hand rub her back in circular motions. Finally she decided to give in.

"That guy that called me a slut today, he used to be my boyfriend." Jessica softly cried.

Brandon lifted her head up, and whispered in her ear to continue. As Jessica's head softly hit his shoulders, she sighed.

"Then after 3 months of us going out he started to abuse me. First just verbally, but soon it got to the point where he was hitting me, and beating me." Jessica breathed in deeply. She knew she was getting ready to cry so she let the tears fall on to his shoulder, "Then one night he.. he-he-he, I was walking home, and he followed me. Then he caught me, threw me on the ground, and..."

Jessica began to convulse, and shake horribly. Her sobs reached a new level of torment, "He fucking raped me!" She wailed.

Brandon choked back a sob, as he grabbed onto her tighter. He allowed her to cry into his shirt which was now very well soaked. As his hand began to stroke her blonde hair, freeing them of any tangles, he began to think of how judgemental he had been. He had thought she was a stupid blonde ditz who just liked to throw fits for the hell of it. However she had in fact been raped, and now he could understand why she didn't want to do anything back then.

As the hours passed by, Jessica was driven home. Since her parents weren't home he decided to carry her in, since she was now fast asleep. As he carried her to her room he couldn't help but notice the tiny snores that emitted from her mouth. He placed her in the room that mostly looked like hers. The lavender, and pink one. He moved some blankets aside, and rested her body against the bed. He carefully slipped off her shoes, and socks throwing them at her floor gently. Then he went into her bathroom, and got a warm washcloth. He gently touched her left cheek, and began to wipe away the tear stains. When he reached her right cheek however, her eyes fluttered open.

The first thing she saw were the sets of deep purple eyes looking into hers. Her sense of touch came back as she felt the warm washcloth on the right side of her face. Staring back into his eyes she reached her hand to touch the arm that was holding the wash cloth.

Brandon dropped the washcloth, onto the bed. He began to thorougly look at Jessica. She's so beautiful, he thought to himself. His hands began stroking the sides of face, and hair. He then noticed her slightly open mouth. He began to brush her lips lightly with his fingers. They both leaned in towards each other, and pretty soon their lips were touching. It felt like a tinge of electricity was going on between them. Jessica lowered her head back onto the pillow, pulling Brandon's face along with her's. In moments time she had reachedm up her hand, and began stroking his hair.

Then she felt something unexpected. Brandon's tongue had found it's way into her mouth. She was somewhat suprised at first, but soon relaxed, and let her tongue get in on some of the action. Their bodies had changed positions from earlier, Brandon's body was now on top of Jessica's. She was accepting this suprisingly well, a few moans escaped from her mouth. Brandon reached his hand to the hem of her shirt, and was about to stick his hand under it. He stopped, and broke the kiss.

Confused, and hurt Jessica asked, "Why'd you stop?"

"Look Jessica it was fun, but I can't take full advantage of you. Not when you're so emotionally beaten." Brandon explained to her.

Jessica looked at him. He was now sitting on the edge of the bed, looking at the floor. "Listen Brandon I'm not mad at you."

Brandon sighed, and shook his head, " Listen Jessica I got a little carried away, and if my consiouse hadn't taken place we could have done something we might have regretted."

Jessica nodded in understandment. Her eyes then began to focus on a drawing she had pinned to her wall. That's when she remembered the graphic pictures in Brandon's notebook. "Brandon?" She whispered.

Brandon looked up from the floor, and spoke up, "Umm yeah?"

"About those drawings. What inspired you todraw something so graphic?" Jessica prodded.

Brandon was shoced to hear her asking this. He bit his lip, trying to think of an explanation. I mean how could he explain that he was in an abusive relationship with a girl. He looked at Jessica who was waiting for the answer.

"Listen I don't want to talk about this right now." Brandon told her.

Jessica fumed abit, and replied in cold tone, "Oh sure it's fine for me to admit what's been shoved up my ass, but you can't mention what the hells wrong with you!"

"Fine you want to know what's wrong with me? Two years ago I was in an emotionally abusive relationship. Sure laugh! Ha ha Brandon got abused by a girl! Let's chuckle, and snort! I mean I could have back handed her, but I was taught better." Brandon blew in a tyrade, then he switched into a high pitched nasal voice, "Brandon I don't like this, you're so stupid! Can't you do anything right? Just be glad you have me around, you're nothing but dog shit!"

Jessica was shocked. She bit her lip hard, trying not to cry. Brandon saw her, and his expression softened. "Jessica please don't cry."

Jessica blew up, "No get the fuck out of my house! Why should I take any abuse from you? Now get out of my fucking house before I call the fucking police!"

To prove her point she picked up the phone. Brandon looked at Jessica, and started to cry, "Fine I'll leave. I should have known a blonde ditz like you would never like me!"

With that he left. Jessica sat at her bed glaring, but as soon as she heard the door slam she flung herself to the bed and began to sob.

"Why? Why did I have to be so fucking stupid? He hates me I know it! ERGH! Why can't I ever find a guy who like's me for my personality? It's always my fucking looks." She cried herself to sleep.

Back in the truck Brandon had his bass stereo pumping with the music of Slayer. His fists gripped the steering wheel, as he head banged to the music. When he finally reached his house, he walked inside.

Inside he found his cousin Rachel staring at the TV, despite the 3 o'Clock hour. "Hey you're up late." He grunted.

"Yeah, but at least I'm home." Rachel quipped back. "Where the hell were you?"

"At Jessica's." Brandon answered

Rachel raised her eybrow, and smirked.

"We didn't do anything! In fact we got into a major fight." Brandon plopped himself onto the couch.

"Brandon no baka!" Rachel shook her head in defeat. "What the hell did you to her?"

"What did I do? She's the one who got carried away!" Brandon snapped.

"Woah, woah wait. Did you wind up giving it to her?" Rachel raised her eyebrow.

Brandon glared, "No we did not have sex, you hentai. It just so happened that earlier in school her ex violated her, and I beat the shit out of him. I took her into the truck, and finally got her to tell me what was wrong. After a few hours it got late, so I drove her home. Her parents weren't home so I put her in bed. Needless to say, she woke up, and we find ourselves making out." Brandon explained.

Rachel nodded her head telling him to keep going.

"I realized that we were getting a little too carried away. So We stopped. Then she asked me what was wrong. I kinda blew up at her, she told me to get out of her house before she called the cops." Brandon sighed shakling his head.

Rachel looked up at the ceiling, then looked back down at her cousin. "Brandon why did you blow up at her?"

"Because she would have laughed at me, I mean come on! Here's big tough Brandon who last year got abused by a girl." Brandon exclaimed.

"Brandon she hurt you emotionally, not physically. Now if it was physical I'd be giggling like a little school girl." Rachel giggled like a little school girl.

Brandon glared at her.

Rachel's eyes went up, "Just kidding!"

Brandon sighed, Rachel then told him, "Look I'll talk to her on Monday."

"O.K" Brandon fell asleep on the couch. Rachel yawned and headed for bed herself.


Jessica walked the halls at school, hoping not to run into Brandon, or Jake. She was almost in the home clear, when she spotted Rachel waving for her to come over. So she did, wondering what was up. "Hey Rachel what's gong on?"

"Umm Jessica I have to talk to you." Rachel told her friend.

"About what?" Jessica asked back.

Rachel sighed, "It's about Brandon" Rachel looked to see the glare of Jessica, "Jessica let me finish. He told me what happened last night, and how he blew up at you."

Rachel was interrupted, "Well he didn't have to! A simple I don't want to tell you would have worked just fine!"

"And as I recall according to Brandon, you asked him, he told you he didn't want to spill, and then you were the one who got all wild up!" Rachel raised her voice.

Jessica came back, "But why did he..." She paused, and then began to realize something. "Oh"

"Jessica, Brandon didn't want to tell you, because let's face it; Girl's abusing Guy's relationships are almost unheard of, and are rarely reported. Of course he could have punched her, but he was taught better. Only punch guys, never punch girls. So as you can imagine..." Rachel then lost herself in a daydream.

In Rachel's daydream A beautiful beach sitting was in view. On the beach Jessica sat in a soft long beach chair. She was wearing a somewhat tight, and skimpy blue bikini. It accented her curves quite nicely! By her was Brandon, who just so happened to be feeding her grapes.

"Oh Jessica my darling love, How I wish to hold you!" Brandon sais in a very odd accent.

"Oh Brandon fuck me now!" Jessica grabs Brandon by the shoulders, and they proceed to makeout.

Of course a daydream just isn't complete unless you're in it. So Rachel was seen snapping photographs of the couple.

"Umm Rachel? Rachel? RACHEL!" Jessica yelled at her friend.

"Huh wha? Oh sorry I kinda of umm got lost. Anyway's I'll talk to Brandon." Rachel stuttered.

"Right." Jessica queried, wondering what Rachel's daydream was about.

The two parted paths, and headed for their first classes.


Rachel was in Math class, passing a note to Brandon. When he finally grabbed it without getting caught, he read the contents.

Brandon I talked to Rachel this morning.

Brandon wrote back... "And?"

Rachel took the note, and answered, "She hates your guts, and wants me to kill you." She smirked, as she passed the note.

Brandon opened it, and read. He then drew a a glaring frowny. =(.

When Rachel opened the note again, she noticed the huge frowny on the page. She wrote back. "JUST KIDDING! Anyway's she's now convinced that it's somewhat her fault. I didn't do it to her, but she realized she shouldn't have bothered you. Listen, if you love her, and admit it Brandon you do. Mayby you should show her."

Rachel waited awhile before passing the note. Mostly because the teacher was now fully staring at the class. When he turned his back, Rachel gave him the note.

Brandon reached for the note, opened it, and read it. After careful consideration he wrote back. "Yeah do what?"

Rahcel wrote back, "well could you wear a Heart shaped sandwich board, with the message, "I've got a Heart on for you.""

Brandon opened the note, and smirked, then decided to have some fun. "Sounds to me like you're the one who wants her."

While Rachel read the note, reality hit her full on. She did have a crush on her. However she wasn't selfish, and knew what was for the best. She sighed, and wrote back, "So I'm Bisexual, sue me. Anyway's there's an amature rock band contest in a couple of weeks. I already play guitar, all you have to do is sing."

Brandon recieved the note, and wrote back. "Yeah, but what type of song. I mean most the Heavy Metal songs I know are Dark, and angry."

"Well Here's a list. Wicked Garden-STP, Moonbaby-Godsmack, Magdalana-Perfect Circle, My Gift to You-KoRn"

Brandon read the note, "Wait isn't My Gift to You, that song where Jon Davis writes about choking his wife into orgasm?"

"I was joking about that song, but anyways how about Wicked Garden?"

"Why that song?" Brandon wrote back.

"Well I don't know if this is the meaning of the song, but if you read the lyrics he talks about running through a girl's wicked garden in hopes of finding her. So he wants to reach out to this girl, in hopes of finding her. In the lyric, Can you see just like a child. Can you see just what I want. He sounds selfish, but when we get to the part where he sings, "Burn Your Wicked Garden to the Ground" It sounds like what he wants is to get rid of this girl's struggles, demons, wicked garden."

Brandon read the note carefully. Damn his cousin was good at interpreting lyrics, he wrote back, "O.K sure, but I want to write one of my own."

The bell rang, and he gave the note to her. They left for their next class.

At lunch Rachel spotted Jessica, and motioned for her to come over. "Hey Jess need to ask you something."


"Are you busy on Friday the 18th?" Rachel asked.

"No why?" Jessica asked somewhat confused.

Rachel replied, "Well there's an amature rock contest going, on. Brandon, and I really want you to go, but we can't tell you why."

"Erm, well is it important?" Jessica questioned.

Rachel proceeded to act pitiful, "No not really, but it would disapoint Brandon." She then proceeded to do her puppy dog eyes act.

Jessica rolled her eyes, and gave in. "O.K, O.K I'll go."

"Good Girl!" See you there.


In Science class Jessica, and Brandon were talking about their project.

"So did you decide what animal you wanted to study?" Brandon asked Jessica.

"Well my cat seems to be in heat, maybey we could see what she does." Jessica replied.

Brandon nodded, "You know this project is idiotic, and stupid."

"Yeah I know, but what can you do about it?" Jessica queried.

"Watch me." Brandon got up from his seat, and talked to the teacher. He sat back down in a few minutes.

"We're in the clear." Brandon told her.

Jessica was amazed, "How'd you do it?"

"I just told him, that our moral beliefs didn't belive in watching animal porn so he said all we had to do was write a paper on the subject of our choice."

Jessica sighed in relief. If it was one thing she did not want to do the mating habits of two animals fucking each other. She smiled at Brandon, but then looked down, and frowned.

"Hey Jessica what's wrong?" Brandon asked.

"Listen Brandon about last night I'm sorry. I shouldn't have pushed you to the edge." Jessica replied.

Brandon sighed, "Jessica please don't say that. I had no right to blow up at you."

"Well we are human." Jessica answered back to Brandon.

In awhile the bell rang, and they parted ways once again.


It was January the 14th, and Brandon, and Rachel were practicing. Rachel had the guitar part down pretty well, and Brandon's vocals were getting better. After the 5th round of the song Brandon paused, and spoke up.

"I don't know about this Rachel, I'm not exactlu Scott himself."

"Oh come now Brandon it won't be that bad. Besides your voice isn't that bad." Rachel reassured him.

"Well o.k" Brandon, and Rachel went back to practicing.


It was now Friday night, and Jessica, Brandon, and Rachel were entering the club. "Hey Jessica, we're performing tonight, so can you meddle around?" Rachel asked her friend.

"Yeah sure I guess." Jessica replied.

Brandon, and Rachel showed the manager their forms, and went back stage. Soon the lights dimmed, and an announcer came on.

"Welcome head bangers to the Metal Contest of the Year! Our first band goes by the name of "Shit Throwers."

The band came out, and launched into a horrible tirad of Screaming, wailing, cursing. Drum smashing, guitar sucking. Needless to say they sucked.

"Umm right. Our next band goes by the name of Rabid Species."

The lead singer which happened to be a girl walked up to the mike, "Hi we're Rabid Species. Our guitarist isn't here with us, but she'll be performing soon. Now let's rock this fucking joint down!"

The crowd cheered, and hollered, as the opening guitar riffs were heard. The song went like so.

"Hi what's your name? My name's fucker/ Does anyone wanna play with Fucker?/ No one wants to play with Fucker! Fucker's getting pissed!"

This launched the heavy guitar riffs, and drum bashing. The ritual head banging took place. Then she sung again.

"Fucker's an immature brat!/ Throws shit at anyone, who dislikes them!/ Fucker's just a pain in the ass!/Fucker sais, fuck you too!"

This went on for some time. After they were over with, a loud roar of cheering was heard. It was obviouse Rabid Species weren't new to this business.

"Thank you roaches!" The lead singer pumped up the enthusiasm more.

The crowd went into a frenzy, chanting, "More! More! More!"

Of course the singer just left the stage, smiling. Jessica wondered to herself if this was such a good idea. She liked to dance, and all. Headbanging however was not in her opinion a dance. Besided she didn't really know how to do it. She looked around the crowd of people, and noticed that they were all wearing heavy metal shirts. She paused, and looked down at her attire of a black shirt, and silver pants. Well at least she sort of blended in.

The announcer came back on stage to announce the next group. When he left the lights came on revealing Rachel with a guitar, Brandon with a microphone, and some other people at the drums, and bass.

"Hi I'm Brandon, this first song I'd like to dedicate to my ex-girlfriend. My cousin Rachel here helped me write it, because even though we broke up, it still hurts me to think of what she is."

Rachel then began a couple of chords, and Brandon began the singing. In slow tone at first.

"Hey baby, you know I liked you. Never thought to hurt you, but soon I would see the torment you would cause."

His voice then became a bit higher, and the instrumentations became louder, and a bit faster.

"Never knew you to be such a bitch! Never thought that you could be a hell raiser in disguise. I knew that I should have left you!"

The song went slower again.

"But did I? No? I'm such a fucking idiot."

Brandon then got to the main chorus which was more anger driven, and shit.

"I'm not the shit you think I am! I have it better that you! Such a bitch just can't fucking get it right anymore!"

They continued this for 3 more minutes, and then left the stage. 4 more acts would be on for original song, and then it would go to the Cover Song.

"Hey Rachel!" Brandon yelled, "I'm going to the pisser!"

Rachel nodded her head, and went to the bar for a coke. She thought maybey she should watch Jessica, so she did sort of.


Jessica was just sort of standing there, amazed at how much emotion Brandon put into his music. He truly was a creative genius. She smiled momentarily, but then soon realized she had to pee. She went into the second unisex bathroom. Boy did she make a mistake!

"Hey Jessy! Nice to see you here." A cold, wicked tone greeted her.

She knew that voice anywhere, it was Jake. "Leave me the hell alone Jake!" Jessica yelled at him.

Jake just smiled at her. He then glided over to her, backing her up against the wall. He then began kissing her neck, sucking on it occassionaly. His hands moved to the hem of her shirt, and he removed it.

Jessica looked away from him, why wasn't anyone coming in here? "Jake stop it please! You're hurting me!" Jessica cried out in pain.

That's when she felt the slap across her face. Before she could fall to the floor, Jake picked her up, and slammed her against the wall. She cried out in pain, and slumped to the floor. Jake then crawled on top of her, and began the slow torturous process of removing her clothing. He began kissing her all over her body, causing her to whimper, and shudder in agony. He loved this!

"Why now? Why again?" Jessica mouthed to herself. She then felt his mouth force itself inside of her. She whimpered again, as hot tears ran down her cheeks. She then heard his pants being removed. She struggled in vain to get away, but this caused her a punch in the stomach.

"Hold still now, you fucking bitch." Jake menaced, "Enjoy the ride sweetheart."

He then grasped her shoulders, and penetrated himself inside of her. To keep herfrom screaming, he kissed her mouth. He didn't want anyone to find out. He was thorougly enjoying humping her. To him her cunt felt like a velvet vise gripping onto his dick. He began pinching her nipples causing her to whimper

Jessica didn't know what to do, except for cry that is. So she did, but just very softly. She could feel him move in, and out of her. She could hear him grunting like an estranged animal. Fucking her body so he could get off, and shoot his load into her. When he stopped biting on her breasts, and neck he looked into her eyes. She turned her head to the side, and shut her eyes. She didn't want to stare at this animal.

However this earned her another slap on the face. Shocked she opened her eyes, and stared into his raging brown eyes. She then heard his cruel voice, "Look me in the eye, you fucking slut."

He then smiled as he resumed to fucking her again. This time looking into her fear strickened eyes. Pretty soon his actions increased, and he began humping her faster, and faster. In shock Jessica knew what was about to come. "Oh shit please don't cum in me! P-please d-dont!"

This earned her a severe bite in the neck. She let out a scream, and soon she felt his cum gushing into her body. She began sobbing histerically, because once more she had been violated.

When he was done with her, he began stroking himself again, and soon began to cum all over her body. He put on his clothing, and began to admire his handiwork. He saw her in tears, and total shock. He then decided to have a bit more fun. He walked to her side, and kicked her hard.

Jessica could feel a few of her ribs crack. She tried to scream in agony, but was pulled off the ground, and kicked in the stomach. She slumped to the floor again. She tried to get up, but just didn't have the strength. Jake lifted her up again, and threw her roughly into the wall. Before she could slump to the floor, he ran up and began to bash her head against the wall, while at the same time kneeing her in the stomach.

"This is it. I'm going to die. Right here in this grungy bathroom." She thought to herself. Her senses became numb, and soon she blacked out.


"Hey Rachel have you seen Jessica anywhere?" Brandon walked up to his cousin, and asked.

"Last time I checked she went to the bathroom. Either she's majorly constipated, or she's in deep shit." Rachel exclaimed.

She then walked towards the bathroom, but stopped, and ducked when she saw Jake exit the bathroom with a slight grin on his face. Rachel took out her camera, and snapped a photo, as evidance. When he was well out of sight, she walked in. What she saw next sickened her.

On the far left corner on the floor layed Jessica. She was slumped into a heap, and from Rachel's angle appeared nude. When she examined her closer, she almost threw up. Her body, had many bruises on it, her face was scratched, bruised, and bloodied. Her hair was a tangled mess of blood, and sweat. However what truly sickened her were the words on her stomach. They were written in large letters, and read...


Rachel stepped back from Jessica, and went outside of the bathroom. In a panic scream, she yelled, "SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULANCE! A GIRL HAS BEEN SEVERLY RAPED, AND BEATEN! SOMEONE CALL A FUCKING AMBULACE NOW!"

Brandon was at the other end of the floor, and was shocked. Was it Jessica? No it couldn't be Jessica? "JESSICA!" he yelled, and ran to the bathroom, as fast as he could. When he reached the entrance he saw his cousin in tears.

"Brandon, it was Jessica. She was beaten, and raped again rather badly." Rachel couldn't help but look down at the floor.

Brandon was in shock, he did not want to believe this! He ran into the bathroom. When he saw her, he began to cry. "Oh shit Jessica what'd he do to you?"

However he wasn't answered. He began to examen her closely. That fucking bastard has sure done some handi work on her. He stood up holding the wall for support, then he left the bathroom.

In a matter of 5 minutes the paramedics arrived. Rachel pointed to the location, when they got their they covered her with a blanket. Then tried to lift her up on the stretcher without causing further damage. Plus they were checking on her vital stats. When they got her into the ambualnce, a crowd watched as it pulled away.


Jessica's family were in the living room, just doing typical household stuff. Mrs Takeiosh looked at her husband, "Matt have you noticed our daughter becoming more, and more depressed lately?"

"Yeah sort of, why?" Matt told his wife.

"Nothing it's just that, well lately she's been so distant." Natalie answered her husband.

That's when they heard the phone ring. Natalie picked it up, "Hello?" pause "This is her" pause "Yes, I am." Pause. "Oh my God."

After a few minutes Natalie hung up the phone, and began crying. "Natalie honey what's wrong?"

"It was about our daughter. She was attacked by someone, and is in critical condition."

They decided to get in the car, to ask the doctor some more questions.


When they got to the hospital, and were able to clear all that mumble jumble out of the way, they talked to her doctor.

"Doctor we're the Takeiosh's, and we would like to know what injuries she has recieved." Matt told the doctor.

"Well sir, she has many lacerations, cuts, and bruises on her face, arms, and legs. She has a couple of broken ribs, and three cracked ribs." The doctor told them.

He then continued, "However it appears that she was raped severely. And to make matters worse she is in a coma, with severe brain trauma."

That did it, Mrs Takeiosh began to cry. Her husband offered a shoulder for her to cry on. "Doctor, what are the chances of Jessica ever waking up from this coma?" Mr Takeioush questioned.

"Right now we are uncertain. It's still a bit early to find out, if you can come back in a couple of days we should have an answer." The doctor told them.

The couple nodded, and left. Still crying for their daughter.

"Why couldn't I protect her?! I'm so fucking stupid!" Brandon cried out in agony.

Rachel tried to console her cousin, "Brandon this wasn't your fault."

"Yes it is! I should have protected her! Did I? No I didn't, now she's in a coma with little chance of waking up!" Brandon sobbed.

Rachel began to rub his back trying to console him. In a matter of minutes both of them were crying.


In a couple of day's the news got around to family, and friends that Jessica had very little hope of ever waking up. Thus began the crying by all of her friends, and family. They were however allowed to visit her now.

Brandon was with Rachel when they walked into the room Jessica was in. They were nervous to see a bunch of IV's sticking out of her. She was being monitered by a machine, and she was bandaged up. Her breaths came in slow steady breaths. She appeared to be sleeping rather peacefully.

Brandon pulled a chair up to the bed. He first took his time to gaze at her. She was so weak, vulnerable, and fragile. Why did that fucking monster have to do this to her?! He grasped her hand, and held it. "Jessica, please wake up. I know you're probaly mad at me. I don't blame you. I should have protected you! " Brandon lowered his head, and began to cry.


"Where am I?" Jessica was standing in a black void. She then could see a bunch of particals forming together.

"What the hell?" Jessica exclaimed, as she saw the figure take shape.

It took shape in the form of a human being. A girl to be more exact. If it was an angel she sure couldn't tell. They were wearing baggy pants with a chain on them. A black hoodie covered whatever figure they had. The girl was rather skinny, and had brown curly hair.

"Who are you?" Jessica asked.

"Nice to meet you too Jessica. My name's umm shit uh I think it's, oh fucki ti my name isn't important." The girl stumbled, and regained herself about her name.

"Why am I here? Where am I?" Jessica questioned.

"My don't we have alot of questions? O.K first off you're in the demension between life, and death." The girl told Jessica.

Jessica began to pace around, "So I'm between the two."

"Ding, ding, ding! Right on! You are of course a sleeping beauty in the real world." Jessica's guide told her.

"Can I get back to the real world?" Jessica eagerly asked.

"Well yes you can. Sort of, but you need to pass a few tests before you can return to your living self." Her guide explained to her, "Do you want to do this? They well cause pain in your soul, but the end well hold a bit more happiness."

"I'm ready."

Jessica screamed as she felt herself falling through time, and space. When she landed, she was in a dark creepy looking forest. "Great a forest." Jessica muttered to her self.

She began to walk down the path that was laid before her. At first she was doing o.k, but in a little while the path became more uneven. She nearly tripped over several obstacles. When she had walked about a mile, she became tired. She sat down on one of the logs, hoping to catch her breath. However she couldn't rest long, because she saw a viciouse breed of animal coming towards her. It looked like a rotweiler crossed with a mountain lion. It advanced towards her, and growled menacingly.

"Umm nice kitty, doggy." Jessica backed away from the animal. This caused it to growl even more.

Jessica took off in a full fledged sprint. The animal chased after her in hot pursuit. "Shit, shit shit shit!" Jessica chanted to herself.

She had run a good mile before she tripped over a log, and came crashing down on her face. "This is like Deja Vu all over again." She muttered to herself.

The beast took it's time in sniffin at the cowering girl. When all was sais and done, he opened his jaws to taste upon the sweet flesh in her throat. Jessica began to cry, "Brandon I'm sorry. I Love You."

She expected the bite, but was suprised to hear another roar. She pulled her head up to find a beautiful looking creature. It was a tiger type creature with black stripes, on a dark purple body. It's ears were like that of a wolf, and it's eyes were violat in color. Protreeding from it's back were a set of angels wings.

The two animals began the process of duking it out with each other. Jessica watched as they both growled, and snarled at each other. The rotwion made a leap towards the winged tiger in hopes of biting his neck. However it was knocked aside by a strong paw swipe. The Rotwion fell to the ground. He quickly got up, and began to bat at the winged tiger.

Jessica looked on as the two creatures fought. Soon the scenery shifted, and she found herself in a parking lot. The two animals had also changed forms.

She looked shocked, as she discovered the rotwion turning into Jake, and the winged tiger turning into Brandon.

"So Brandon feeling a little shitty today?" Jake taunted the teenage boy.

Brandon just stood there, and glared. "You will pay for this you good for nothing bastard! Mark my words if Jessica dies, I'll kill you!"

Something hit Jessica like a rock to the head. Despite of what Jake had done to her, she didn't want him to die. No human being should die by the hands of a mortal. A part of her didn't think forgiveness was the answer. Hell he had raped, and beaten her into a bloody pulp. Left her for dead. So why did he deserve to live? Because she knew that if she never forgave him it would eat at her forever. She would never be able to trust anyone ever. Not even Brandon, the boy she loved.

As she saw the two teenagers fighting she whispered loudly the words, "Jake I forgive you."


Jessica had been in a coma for a week now. Brandon, and Rachel were in the room, when the amazing happened.

"Where am I?" A small voice uttered.

Brandon looked at the form in the bed, and nearly burst into tears of happiness. "Jessica you're awake! You're awake!"

He ran up to hug her, but when he did Jessica cried out, "Ow! Brandon not so hard."

Brandon regained his compusure, and looked at her. Rachel had told the doctors to come in.

"It's a miracle." One of the doctors exclaimed.

Jessica's parents were called. They were so happy to hear the news that Jessica was finally awake.

The night was a blessful one indeed. Soon however there would be the legal grueling to settle.


The court room was packed as Jessica, Brandon, Rachel, and the parents filed into the courtroom. It was time for Jake's trial. He had been proven the main suspect, thanks to the photo by Rachel.

"All rise for the honorable Judge Hinyaka" Everyone rose. "You may be seated"

In the trial that went on, Jessica was to reveal what had happened to her. This was agrueling process. Then the questioning began. Finally after all was said, and done the jury left.

"I hope they find that jerk guilty." Rachel said to both Jessica, and Brandon. Jessica, and Brandon looked at each other. Concern in their eyes. Soon the jury filed in.

"Would the defendant please rise?" Jake stood up waiting his fate.

"we the jury find the defendant, Jake Ichako guilty for two accounts of rape, assault, and battery, and attempted murder."

Jessica, and Brandon instantly hugged each other. Jessica began to cry tears of happiness. "It's over, I'm so happy it's over!" She cried in Brandon's shirt.

Jake was lead away by the officers. He took a look at Jessica who seemed so happy. He saw her looking up at him.

Jessica looked at Jake, and mouthed the words, "I forgive you."

The End


It had been several months since the trial. Jake was sentenced to 40 years in prison.
Jessica began to recieve psyciatric treatment for traumatic stress. Her friends, and family have supported her through the ordeal.

As for Brandon, and Jessica? Well that's a whole differant story!