Knight of Fire

Chapter One

"Yuck, Dad! I think this ice cream is freezer burnt!" I yelled, spitting out my ice cream. My dad looked at me for a second, stopping his task of cutting his onions, frowned a little, then grabbed a handful of cut onions. I stared at him suspiciously as he walked over to me.
He took my spoon, stirred in some onions as I watched in disgust then he grinned. "It's still good. Onion'll fix that."
My mouth dropped open and I stared at him wide-eyed. "Are you retarded?! MOM! Dad, just put onion in my ice cream!"
Mom continued reading her book for a few minutes, looked at me and said, "That's nice, dear," and continued on with her book.
"Nice?! What's wrong with you guys?!" I yelled and stood up. I grabbed up my bowl, dropped in the sink and went upstairs. I stepped over the baby gate that guarded my doorless room from the dogs and sat on my bed. Yawning, I looked at the clock. It was about ten at night and I had school the next day. Damn.
Turning off my light, I pinned up the blanket that shielded me from people coming up the stairs and watching me sleep. I laid down and fell asleep about two hours of tossing and turning.

**** The Next Day****
"Y'up yet?" Dad asked, turning on my light.
Groaning angrily, I pulled the sheets over my head. "DAD! Don't turn on my light like that!"
He made an angry sound and walked away. I heard him head down the stairs. I sat up slowly, angry at the morning. If there was anything I hated more than waking up, it was waking up to the annoying phrase "Y'up yet?" with a light shining in my face.
I threw off my blanket and stood up to get dressed. Like usual, it only took thirty seconds to throw on pants and a shirt. Then about a minute to brush my hair. After I was finished getting ready, I headed downstairs to eat some breakfast.
In the kitchen, my dad was looking at the sink angrily. He turned to me with his eyebrows raised in irritation. "Sooo. you gonna do these dishes?"
Exhaling in exasperation, I answered, "I'll do them when I come home."
He glared at me angrily as I got my cereal and sat down at the table. He yanked open the dishwasher and threw the dishes into the cabinet. "Jesus, Dad, I said I'd do them later!"
Ignoring me, he finished putting the dishes away and then continued on to wash them. "Whatever floats your boat, man," I muttered, sticking a spoonful of cereal into my mouth.
Oh, shit! I looked down at a paper on the table and my eyes widened. I forgot to do some homework! I hurriedly grabbed a pencil and pushed my cereal bowl away from me. Grabbing the paper, I looked at the assignment and sighed in relief. It was easy. All I had to do was talk about myself.
"Name". Nolly Rae Hatfield. "Age". seventeen. "Hobbies". drawing and writing. "Goal". psychologist or writer. "Now write a paragraph about yourself". Well, I'm the youngest daughter in a family of three. I have an older brother and sister. I have two dogs.
I finished writing the paragraph and sighed. Not too exciting. I winced as my dad slammed the dishwasher shut. I hated it when people were negative around me. I was too sensitive to others' feelings. People may think that's cool, but it was a pain in the ass when you're in a good mood and someone comes in who's in a bad mood. Then I have to be in a bad mood with them.
Without his usual goodbye, my dad slammed the door to head to work. I stuck my tongue out at the door. "What an ass," I mumbled to myself.
Looking at the time, I saw it was time to leave for school. I put the bowl into the dishwasher, stuffed my homework and books into my bag, and started to leave the house.
Like usual, I had to walk to school alone. None of my friends lived close to me. I always had to meet my friends at school. It sucked since I barely ever got to see them on weekends, but tough luck. Whenever I saw a group of teens, I'd try desperately to avoid them. I sort of have a phobia of my peers, which luckily, isn't obvious. Well, maybe to my friends; other people just think I'm extremely shy.
Getting to school safely, I put my books in my locker and headed to my first class for the day. Crap, was today a black or purple day? We have a block schedule so we have different classes each day, except for the shorter third period. I saw one of my friends about to walk past me and stopped her. "Hey, Ruby, is today a purple day?"
"Yeah," she said and stayed with me as I grabbed my English stuff for my first period today.
"So, Ruby, what did you do this weekend?" I asked as we began to walk to her class.
She grinned mischievously at me and if I had been an anime character, I would have developed a sweatdrop. "I called William!"
"Uh. how did you get his number.?" I asked.
She started laughing in an evil way and I got a little scared. Ruby was such a stalker. I almost felt bad for William. "Well, his friend sort of dropped his planner (since I bumped into him) accidentally, of course! And well, I picked it up for him and oops! What do you know, I have his planner and right there in the page that unfortunately fell out, was William's number! Crazy, huh?"
I laughed weakly. "Um. Ruby, you scare me sometimes."
She looked genuinely confused. "Huh? Why?"
Shaking my head, I forced a smile that faltered. "Ruby, I'm only saying this because you're my friend. but. you're a stalker!"
Grinning, she said, "I know!"
I almost fell down from the shock. "Y-you know? You were supposed to deny it!"
"But it's the truth. Why would I deny it?" She shrugged nonchalantly.
Seeing as how we were at Ruby's class, I said goodbye and quickly walked away. Ruby was a great friend and all, and I loved her, but she was such a freak sometimes. I could never understand why she's so boy-crazy.