Ten o'clock
bored as hell,
listening to the radio
without paying any attention.
Was on the phone
But my friend had to go
Time for bed
that's what she said.
Wish I could
but I can't.
Another sleepless night I guess.
I lay in bed
stare at the ceiling,
wishing I could
get rid of this empty feeling.

Eleven o'clock.
Still feel bored.
It's all I can feel
in this empty world.
Think of tomorrow.
Another day at school.
Same old thing.
I guess it's the rule.
I fell hot
under the quilt,
so I kick it off
and turn over blindly.
I catch a glimpse of the clock.

Twelve A.M.
Finally morning.
Still feels like night.
Didn't sleep at all.
My head doesn't feel right.
Think I may be sick
Sleeping pill should do the trick.
Takes effort to get out of bed
although it shouldn't. I'm not tired.
To the bathroom
open the medicine cabinet door.
Pull out the pills,
they fall to the floor.
Clumsily pick them up,
then down nine or ten.
Swallow with some water,
then back to bed again

*Author's Note- I wrote this at 3 am a when i couldnt sleep. dont kill me if it sounds bad. its my first thing ever put up here.*