I sit in the white room. Staring at the door. The door, the threshold between my dream and my reality. My back against the wall, my knees pulled up to my chest, I contemplate my escape. Thoughts whirling inside my head, I drift off into a dreamless sleep.

When I awake, I put my hands on the ground to lift my body up, to stand. I feel something wet. My eyes open quickly, and I stare down at my palms. Blood. Covered in blood. I glance around the room. The floor is covered in a thin, growing layer of blood. Blood drips from the walls, out of the center of the white ceiling, crawling across to the wall, only to drip down into my white room.

The room was going to fill with blood, someone else's blood. Not mine. I scream and run to the door, smearing blood across it's white surface as I pound on it with my fists, demanding to be let out. I'm going to drown in blood. And nobody will know, nobody will come to my rescue. I'm alone. Alone with my thoughts, myself, and this blood. Dripping from the ceiling and filling the room slowly.

The blood slowly creeps up my feet, seeping into my shoes. Again I pound uselessly on the door. My unheard screams echo throughout the white room. The red room. Crimson blood falling from the sky. Tainting my white room, my clean room. A room where everything was in order without having to be put in order. An empty room.

But now everything was going wrong. This wasn't supposed to happen. The only thing allowed in my white room was me and my thoughts. My paranoid thoughts. The blood would have to go. Again, I scream to be let out, so I can get something to clean this up. My comfortable, clean, white room, ruined by the blood.

The blood reaches my ankles. It pulls at me, calls me down. Drags me down under, drowning me and my thoughts. I fall to my knees, then face down in the blood. The unclean blood. I roll onto my back. I can still breathe, but I wait for the blood to engulf me, suffocate me. Slowly it crawls up my body.

Something pounds at the white door outside. I sit up, and look around. The blood had suddenly disappeared. Gone, just as fast as it had appeared. The door opens, but no one is there. I rise to my feet, clean, free of any blood except the blood that runs through my veins. I go to the door and glance around. Nothing.

I step outside and walk down the empty corridor. As I turn the corner, I scream, loud, shrill, blood chilling. I stand paralyzed, screaming, as a crimson wave rushes down the hallway, and crashes into me.