Chapter 2

They sat inside the plane waiting to take off. Sasha glanced at her partner and saw something she never seen along his face before; fear. "Are you scared of flying?" she asked, it would have been amusing if he hadn't looked so terrified.

"No, everything will be fine unless we crash and turn into a ball of fire." Nicholas said holding on tight to the armrest.

"Oh my god you are scared." Sasha said as she stared at him. She couldn't believe big tough man Nick was afraid.

"I'm glad you fine this funny." He felt the sweat running down his neck.

"I don't find it funny Nick." Sasha said, she really didn't, she was worried about him and he looked like hell. "Want to hold my hand?"

"Very funny Sasha, very funny." Nicholas with a light smile, it left as quickly as it came.

Sasha groaned at his stubbornness, she peeled his hand off the armrest and slipped her fingers through his. "I wasn't being funny, lots of people hate flying. I'm not a cold bitch all the time." she said. It shocked her almost as much as it did Nicholas that she cared about how he felt and she was holding his hand. It was the first time they touched each other for longer then a second. Sasha saw the look on his face; he was confused by her actions. "Good practice too. For the act we have to put on in Maple Oaks."

"I guess you're right." Nicholas mumbled when he realized they were moving. He hated flying, no one really knew, only Sasha now. He thought it was sweet she was trying to comfort him but also suspicious.

"Oh stop being such a baby." Sasha said as she closed the blind when she saw him staring at the passing sky. She was going to move her hand from his but he held on to her. "Are you going to tell me why you don't like flying?"

"No, not really." He stared straight ahead.

"It's not nice to keep secrets from your wife."

"You're not really my wife."

"Hey this ring says different." Sasha said whiling looking down at the 2ct diamond ring on her finger. Before picking her up, when Pete called earlier he also told Nicholas to pick up a ring; he had nice taste she thought.

"I want that back when this is done." Nicholas said as he caught her admiring it.

"I know, its part of the act, let the people on the plane think we're happy. Practice remember?"

"I think you're using 'practice' as a way to cover up what you are doing. I think you like the ring I picked out and I think you don't hate me as much as you say and the truth is you're worried about me." Nicholas explained now that he was claming down he took a moment to look around the plane and all the people.

"Well there you go, mystery solved." Sasha sarcastically said. "The truth is it freaked me out that you actually feel, I wasn't sure if the devil felt and I do like the ring." she explained. "You're killing my hand."

"Sorry." He loosened his grip.

"You're an FBI agent, you risk you life and you're scared of a plane ride?" Sasha asked as she stared at his pale face, being scared shitless didn't make him look like his handsome self.

"Ironic, isn't it?"

Sasha ignored the sarcasm in his voice. "Maybe you should talk to someone about your fear, I'm sure Pete will have some insight."

"I'm fine."

"Fine be a stubborn bitch about it." Sasha snapped. "Can I have my hand back?" she asked, looking at their hands intertwined.

"No." Was all Nicholas said and looked straight ahead again, he was dying for the flight to be over.

Sasha looked at him as if he was crazy, it was her hand, but she did offer. She sat back in her seat and just waited for the flight to be over but then that meant she would be in Maple Oaks, around those people she hated as a child and she would be lying the whole time. This case topped her list of the worst ones ever.

"Pete said Maple Oaks was your home town." Nicholas said. "No one knows that you went and became an agent?"

"No. I got the fuck out of there as soon as I could." Sasha said before she could even realize it. She didn't want to talk about her hateful childhood anymore then Nicholas wanted to talk about his fear of flying.

Nicholas heard the anger in her voice and saw how quick her green eyes went cold. "Did you tell Truman you didn't want to go back there?"

"No, none of that matters. The case is what matters remember?" Sasha asked as she turned and looked at his really blue eyes.

"The case matters but so do your feelings."

"Stop being so nice. It's sickening." Sasha made a face.

"Don't worry, Sasha, I'm not getting soft on you. You're still not my favorite person. But I need to know what your take is on everything. I have to watch your back and you have to watch mine. You're always in a pissy mood and now going back to where you grew up; you're in an even worse mood. Not the best time to play your husband. They say marriage is hell." Nicholas said.

"I guess you're feeling better, you haven't shut up."

"Yeah I'm great." And that was lie.

The were silent for the next hour, the sleepless night caught up with Sasha, without thinking she rested her head on Nicholas's shoulder and fell asleep.

When he felt her head on his shoulder, he turned and looked at her, she looked peaceful when she slept, almost nice, he thought. With Nicholas there was always an attraction toward Sasha, he loved her long legs and wished she wouldn't wear pants all the time. And her piecing green eyes, he loved her eyes but would never in a million years tell her that. When they met, he wanted her but they were always at each other's necks, the sexual attraction mostly faded and the bitterness toward each other happened. They wanted to out beat each other, be the best at anything they were told to do. Nicholas wondered if that didn't happen if something else, something nice would have.

"Hey." Nicholas softly said as he nudged her shoulder.

"Hmm?" Sasha sat up in her seat and rubbed her eyes.

"We're here." Nicholas said as he stood from his seat and pulled his bag from the overhead compartment.

"Oh great." Sasha said as she did the same. "Let the good times began."

"Maybe you'll be surprised; maybe it won't be so bad." Nicholas said from behind her.

"Let's go playboy."

They found the car that was now theirs until the case was over. They put their bags in the trunk of the SUV then got in. "Do you know where we are going?" Nicholas asked her as he started the car.

"Yeah I know the address. And I've got the house keys." Sasha explained. "Just start straight."

The house wasn't that far from the airport. It was a nice enough town, Nicholas thought but he liked the busy city and by the looks of it so did Sasha. "Honey, we're home."

"Oh and now it begins. Let's get the bags." Sasha said as she opened her door and walked to the back of the car, he followed.

Nicholas saw some people sitting on their porches, watching them, curious about the new neighbors. He stood next to Sasha and ran his hand down her back to get her attention. He had more undercover work under his belt; he knew the acts that needed to be played.

She was shocked by his touch "What?" she met his eyes.

"We have company. Don't look surprised I'm going to kiss you now." Nicholas explained before he bent down and lightly kissed her on the lips with his arm around her waist. They looked like a young couple in love, that plan was working so far. They pulled away from each other and looked in each others eyes. "I said don't look surprised."

"Grab the bags." Sasha said as she walked to the front door with a bag and keys in hand. Surprised? Just a little. Freaked out? A lot.

Isabelle A.