: Leave Love Bleeding in my Hands CH 29 Epilogue :

Sasha looked at her self in the mirror, she was six months pregnant now and it was her wedding day. She wanted the wedding to happen before she began to show but too much had happened. She and Nicholas were both busy with work and moving into a new house, and getting ready for the baby. Today was the day and nothing ever felt so perfect.

Her dress was simple and white but not a wedding dress. It was going to be a small ceremony with everyone from the team and Nicholas' family. The day she met them she was scared, she blamed her hormones for that.

But there was nothing to be scared about. They welcomed her with open arms. Quickly becoming the family she never had.

Now as she looked into the mirror, all ready to finally marry the main she loved. It amazed her how fair life took her. Just a year ago she would've swore to never fall in love or get married, much less have a child. Now here she was with tears in her eyes because of the happiness she felt. She hated to cry, but at the moment it didn't bother her.

She cried for happiness as well as Carolyn. She was the only thing missing from this perfect day. Carolyn was her sister and as well her mother once theirs died. They fought but there was no one else Sasha trusted or loved for so long.

She knew the last hours of Carolyn's life weren't easy but she hoped she was at peace now. Sasha never found out what really happened between Jim and Caro but now she would never know, they were both gone.

There was a soft knock on Sasha's changing room door. "Come in." she called out.

Billie walked in dressed in her dark blue bridesmaid dress Sasha had picked out. It was strapless and fell right under her ankles. "Oh you look so great." Billie had said. She was so happy for her best friend but she couldn't help but feel sad. Everything about the day reminded her so much of what happened almost six years ago.

"Thanks so do you. And thanks again for getting your brother to perform the ceremony." Sasha said. Billie's brother, Father Joseph Savich was in town visiting and agreed to perform the wedding in such a short amount of time. Sasha and Nicholas knew they wanted to marry before the baby but they hadn't made plans. They just decided two weeks ago to get married this weekend.

"It's no bother for Joey, he's a romantic. He loves things like this and says he doesn't perform enough weddings." Billie said as she went and sat beside Sasha. "How are you feeling?" She asked, glancing down at Sasha's full stomach.

"I feel great, happy. But I can't stop worrying. I have this feeling something may go wrong." She answered. Finally voicing her fear of the last couple of months.

"Wrong with what?" Billie asked, confused by Sasha's statement.

"Everything is going so well and something always goes wrong for me. All of a sudden I'm scared when Nick leaves if he'll come back. I'm scared something will happen to the baby. I'm really scared it's not over that Jim somehow has another trick up his sleeve." Sasha explained. She felt like an idiot for worrying so much but she couldn't help what her heart felt.

"He's dead honey, trust me I know."

She looked when she heard his voice. "That's not what I meant and you know it Justin."

Justin stepped into the changing room and closed the door behind him. "I know what you mean. If Jim set something up, it would've happened by now but he wasn't too bright for something like that. The man acted on anger not brains. This is your day so just be happy and stop worrying." He explained.

"Easy for you to say." Sasha mumbled.

"It's the pregnancy. Now all the time I've know you, you've been pregnant but as time passes you become more of a chicken. According to your file, you weren't always like that." Justin said, he knew that would piss her off, that's what he wanted.

"A chicken? I may be pregnant but I will get up and kick your ass mister. I'm worried, sue me. Too much has happened for me to just let it go. A part of me knows it pointless, he's gone and it's over but a small part of me can't believe it." Sasha explained with a shrug.

"You have the right to worry," Billie said. "Just don't let it control your life. You're here today marrying the guy you love and you're going to have his child. That's such a wonderful thing. Think of that and leave the worrying to us."

"You're right, you always are. I hate that." Sasha said with a laugh as she and Billie hugged.

"Nice." Justin said with a grin.

"Oh shut up, you pervert." Sasha said as she tossed a lipstick at him.

There was another knock on the door. Pete walked in seconds later. "All right clear out, I need to talk with the bride." He told Justin and Billie. Once they were gone Pete sat beside Sasha. "The wedding is about to start."

"I thought I would be nervous, I heard brides are but I'm not. I'm worried something might go wrong; I guess I'll always worry. But I also feel like, finally I caught a break. I have everything I want. I don't feel alone anymore." Sasha explained to Pete as the urge to cry resurfaced.

"You deserve it. You've gone through a lot and I'm so proud of you. Now it's time to walk you down the aisle." Pete explained as he stood form his seat and held out a hand to Sasha.

She took it and they left the room. She asked Pete to walk her down the aisle because he was the only man she thought of as a father. She couldn't remember her own and for as long as should could remember, Pete was there.

Everyone was seated in their seats waiting for the wedding to begin. Nicholas stood with his best man, his brother Lucas, at the end of the aisle as music began. He saw Sasha and Pete now slowly make their way to him. She looked so beautiful, he thought. Six months pregnant and she still took his breath away.

They found out last month that the baby was going to be a girl. Nicholas and Sasha were so happy and glad for a girl in a huge family of males. His had three sisters; two of them were married with children, all sons. His five brothers weren't married yet. They had teased Nicholas when he told them he and Sasha were getting married.

Nicholas had always wanted this, a beautiful wife and child. When he first met Sasha Madden he never though in a million years it would be her. They disliked each other so much but feelings change, they both knew that well.

Pete handed Sasha's hand to Nicholas and took his seat.

Sasha couldn't stop staring at Nicholas. He looked so good in his black and white tux. His blue eyes sparkled with the soft sun light coming through the windows.

Father Joseph Savich began to speak, talking of the blessing it was for two people to come together in love and happiness. A few minutes later he began to vows. "Nicholas do you take Sasha to be your wife, you lover, your friend. To be there for better and worse until death do you part?"

Nicholas stared into Sasha's eyes the whole time, never regretting a minute that happened between them because it all lead to this. "I do."

Sasha smiled as tears ran down her cheeks.

"Sasha do you take Nicholas-"

"I do, all of it I do." Sasha said as she wiped her cheeks. Her eyes never leaving Nicholas'. "I never thought I could love anything the way I love you. You're everything I've always wanted and more. You've stood by me no matter what; even at times others would've ran. I love you so much." She rambled.

"I love you too." Nicholas said as he wiped her tears away.

They slid the rings on each others fingers, and then Father Savich said. "I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." Everyone stood from their seats, some awed and some cheered.

Nicholas leaned forward and kissed Sasha, softly and tenderly. But a passion sparked through them at the same time, a spark that told them they couldn't wait to be alone.

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