Why hello!

I cannot believe how long it has been, and I have no idea how many of you still use this site or the emails associated with it.

The Contract will be back on a site a friend and I have been working on.

It's called ryangin dot com (can't post the actual site link - but it's in my profile or you can manually type).

Make my freaking day and check the place out. We've procrastinated our little butts off but it's finally live.

The Contract will NOT be posted in this round, as I've reinvented it quite a bit and it's gonna take me a little longer to write it the way I want. I meant to share it ASAP into the world, but then I'd keep procrastinating on launching RG and ugh. No more.

The starting stories will be:

Breathe, Selene (new psychological mystery thang)
The Natural Born (major rewrite from my alternate account)
Adam & Evan (Gin's wonderful witty novel)

Guys. I'm sorry I died, but as a zombie, I'm gonna live my best second life. I have missed y'all and I hope you have not forgotten lil ol me.

That said, ryangin dot com is FINALLY FUCKING LIVE.