! ! ! !DISCLAIMER: This story will, if not in this chapter, then later on, have adult material by non-human, sentient (intelligent) creatures! ! ! ! !

NOTICE: Throughout this story I will use the words "shi" (pronounced like shay), "hir" (pronounced like Herr), and shir (pronounced like Cher {the singer}) (shir means the same thing as Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. For herms) these are not typos; they are the correct forms of he/she and him/her for a hermaphrodite (both male and female). The main characters are Chakats (which are hermaphrodites and are copyrighted to Bernard Doove), basically a chakat is a 'taur (like centaur) with the bottom half being the basic structure of the body of a large cat, with their top half resembling a cross between a human and a feline( feline ears, face, muzzle) their hands have retractable claws and their front feet resemble crude hands (also clawed) and their bodies are completely furred (for more information on chakats, go to .com and look at "An Introduction to Chakats") Later on in the story (probably next chapter) I will also introduce a new character that is a Kitsune (for general details go Chakat Snowfur awoke early Saturday morning, well, earlier than shi should have, accounting for last nights . . . "activities." After several minutes of failing to go back to sleep, shi looks at hir alarm clock.

"Ugh, why six," shi groaned to hirself, "On my only days off, I wake up at six."

Snowfur worked as a Senior High Geology and Biology teacher. One of hir mates, Chakat Stargaze, was a very prestigious doctor, and had a Ph. D. in medical sciences and minored in psychiatrics. Hir other mate, a kitsune named Jennifer, who worked as a computer programmer and technician, was out of town on business, but would be back soon. It was spring break, and they both would have a week off (two for Stargaze) with which to relax.

After many more minutes of not being able to return to sleep, shi finally decided to just get up and start some coffee. Shi slowly edged out of bed, so as not to wake hir mate, and carefully padded to the kitchen. Shi yawned several times as shi walked though their large house, shi walked slowly, tired as shi was, so that she didn't trip on some of Star's assorted things shi had laying around the house. Shi grumbled as shi reached the kitchen, which was right above the bedroom, but the only stairs were across the house, "I'm gonna kill you, Star', if you don't fix the stair problem..."

Shi stopped grumbling when shi nearly fell on hir face, because shi tripped over one of Star's storage boxes, this one contained assorted water guns. Star' could easily afford nearly anything, but was quite happy with the lesser things...like water guns...

Finally, shi got a pot of coffee started, and shi leaned on the counter, waiting for enough for a cup brewed.

"GOTCHA," someone yelled from behind as someone grabbed hir by the waist a hoisted hir up for a moment.

"Star'," griped Snow' loudly, turning to face hir mate, "Don't do that this early, I'm too tired for-" But shi was cut off in mid-sentence as Star' caught hir in a kiss and all hir protest melted away. "Cheater," shi said a little groggily.

"Yeah, well, you can't complain with results, right? I mean, it did stop your gripping, didn't it?" Agreed Star', then pinched Snow's cheek and said, "Besides, no one likes a sourpuss."

Snow yawned deeply then replied, "Oh, you are such a nerd."

"(Ahem) Rich nerd, thank you very much," retorted Star'.

"Oh, grow up."

"Bu-hut, whyyyyy-hhhyyyy-hyyyy?" exclaimed Star' overdramatically.

Snow' was too tired to retort, so shi just poured hirself a cup of coffee and sat at the table. *YAWN* "So what's for breakfast, goofy?"

"How 'bout me? You know you'd like to eat me, don't you?"

"FIRE AND RAIN, you're dirty. Now I am serious, what are we gonna have?"

"OKAY, okay, okay, for the love of Fire someone's bitchy this morning."

"Sorry, but I'm tired. You wore me out last night. Damn, you've gotta lotta stamina."

Star' blushed and grinned, "Well, thank you, but I think that that's mostly because I'm in my female phase lately," Then hir grin broadened, "You know . . . I'm gonna be in heat this week, heh heh heh, THEN I'll have stamina . . ."

"Hmmm, note to self: get plenty of sleep in preparation for Star's heat. Well it's a good thing I'll be rutting this week (for those that do not know this is effectively the male version of being in heat, but only chakats get it and only when they reach the peak of their male phase) . . ."

"True . . . now how's about . . . pancakes for breakfast?"

"Mmmmm . . . sounds d'lish, I'll have six."

"'k, lemme see if we got enough ingredients . . . . . . . . . Yep, we do." She, then, proceeded to cook their pancakes, from scratch.

"MMMM . . . Star' this looks perfect."

"Who cares how it looks, it tastes great," replied Star' after shi took a bite. Then shi REALLY began to eat, shi practically inhaled hir pancakes, eating all seven of them in 30 seconds.

Snow' stared wide-eyed at hir. "DAMN . . . I guess someone was hungry."

"That's an understatement," replied Star', "But, it was good. I'm gonna go start the shower . . . don't tarry too long or I might start with out you . . . " shi added with a little hint in hir voice.

"Don't worry . . . even after last night I'm still ready for more."

Star' went into the bathroom, which was large even by chakat standards, and started the water . . .


Star' got in the shower, further adjusted the water, then relaxed. Shi began to think about Snow' and it was turning hir on. Shi soon began to play with hirself. Shi slowly rubbed hir pussy lips, and a small moan escaped hir lips as shi began to purr. After a few minutes of rubbing, shi began to thrust hir fingers in and out of hir pussy, causing hir to moan and purr louder. Shi thrust faster and faster, bringing hirself close to an orgasm, when shi suddenly heard the door open then close, causing Star' to nearly jump out of hir skin, and Snow' stepped into the large shower and saw Star' standing there with some of hir hair standing on end.

"Scared ya, didn't I?"

"Yup, ya did," Star' answered as shi wet the on-end fur.

It was then that Snow' noticed three of Star's fingers in hir pussy.

"Ugghhh," shi gasped with mock indignation, "YOU STARTED WITHOUT ME?"

"I was thinking of you . . ." Star' trailed off, then added, "Well, don't just stand there, help me finish."

"Gladly," Snow purred as hir cock slipped free of its sheath. Shi then mounted Star' causing hir to gasp at the sudden feeling of being penetrated, and began a slow thrusting. Star's moaning and purring increased in intensity as the thrusting increased. It wasn't long before Star's insides began to heat up, then with a feral feline yowl, shi orgasmed. But, before shi could recover, Snow' pulled out of hir vagina and, with hir cock slick with Star's juices, slid into hir ass. Star' gasped and moaned again at the familiar, though rare, sensation. Snow' began slowly, making tender love to hir mates tail hole, but soon started speeding up. Star' moaned and growled in feral pleasure as Snow' banged hir ass harder and harder. Then, with a yowl louder than Star's, Snow' cummed. The sudden influx of semen caused Star' to orgasm, again. When Snow' withdrew from Star's anus, Star' helped hir clean hir cock.


"You don't usually do that for me, thanks," said Star'.

"You're welcome, but I still don't see what you and Jennifer see in it,"

"I'd be more than happy to show you," Star' said standing up.

N-No, maybe later," said Snow' quickly.

"Awww, come on," shi said then kissed Snow' deeply, "You might like it."

"Some other time, perhaps," answered Snow'.

"Okay, okay," amended Star' as shi finished cleaning hir fur, "See you when ya get outta da showa."

Star' stepped out of the shower, did a quick drying to make sure shi didn't drip on the floor, then headed to the bedroom. Shi turned on hir CD/radio/stereo, put in the "Pledge of Allegiance Tour" disc, and flipped to the last song, "My Release" by No One. Then shi began to brush hir pitch-black head hair, which reached down to the shoulders of hir lower body. Once shi'd brushed all of the tangles out, she put hir hair in a ponytail as shi sang the song, "Soon I will be . . . Releasing all the tensions of the imperfections, that live with me . . ."

Just then Snow' walked in, "Where did you get this? These songs sound like they came out in around the 20th century."

"They did, but that ain't all, I've got more," said Star' as shi went over to hir CD case and pulled out a green burned CD and put it in hir CD player, "I've also got this. . ." then some hard-core music began to play with Star' singing along, "'Dead I am the one, semenating sun, slippin' through the trees, strangling the breeze. . ."

"Who is this?"

"I think their called 'Rob Zombie'. . .OOOH, I like this part 'Dead I am the life, dig into the skin, knuckle crack the bone, 21 to win. . .'"

"Don't you have anything else that's not so . . . extreme?"

"Yes. . .I've got this one, its called 'Evanescence'. . . 'Now I will tell you what I've done for you. . .50 thousand tears I've cried, screaming, deceiving, and bleeding for you, and you still won't hear me-e, I'm going under,' what do you think of them?

"Better than 'Rob Zombie' So, where do ya wanna go for our vacation?"

"How's about we goooo. . .OOOH, let's go camping."

"Hmmm . . . that sounds like fun. We haven't been camping in a few years now, not since we met Jenny."

"'K, it's a date," giggled Star'.

"You're so dorky-"

"Do ya really wanna go into that again?"

"Go inta what?"

"Hehehe . . . yeah, but I'm a rich dork," shi giggled.

"Can't you even say one sentence without giggling?"

"Mmmmm . . . NOPE," replied Star' then shi burst out laughing. "Okay, okay, (giggle) let's start packing, but first. . ." shi went over to hir CD player and flipped to song ten and set it to repeat songs ten and eleven.

"'Hold on to me love, you know I can't stay long," sang Star' as shi began packing, "All I wanted to say was I love you and I'm not afraid, can you hear me-e? Can you feel me in your arms? . . . "

By the time they had finished packing, the two songs had gone through thrice each and it was back on song eleven at about mid-way with Star' still singing.

". . . Don't turn away, (don't give in to the pain) don't try to hide . . . "

"Are you ready?" called Snow', "'Cause I am."

"Yeah, just gotta get my 'Evanescence' CD . . . 'k, ready."

They loaded into the PTV (Personal Transport Vehicle, one specially made for 'taurs) and headed out of town.

After they were about an hour out, Snow' sighed a sigh of relief, "*sigh* Yes finally, we're free. . ."

"Yeah, I'll bet you're glad to get away from all those amorous teenagers, huh?"

"Oh, yeah, but you say that like you were never a horny teenager-" began Snow'.

"Hey," replied Star' smugly, "It was you who came onto me, remember? You were the horny teenager, not me."

"Well, I was in heat and you were my best friend, what was I supposed to do, just wait it out? You know, knew, that that could be dangerous-", but shi was interrupted by Star' giggling.

"Sorry, I was only messing with you. We both know how many people I did in high school and college. I was a very amorous teenager, hell, I'm still amorous even as an adult."

"No complaints here, but-" but shi stopped when shi noticed Star's insidious grin, "What are you gonna do? You've got that grin on your face. . ."

"Yep, (AHEM) 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer, ya take one down, ya pass it around, 98 bottles of beer on the wall, 98 bottles. . ."

"OH , NO," anguished Snow', "Please don't sing that."

Star's singing was interrupted by a fit of the giggles, but shi soon returned to singing, very slowly. . .

It was three hours, very long hours for Snow', due to the song, until they pulled over, and began to unload the car. "Three bottles of beer on the wall, three bottles of beer, ya take one down, ya pass it around, two bottles of beer on the wall, two bottles of beer. . .well, this looks like a great place to start our hike."


"Yeah, just drives you nuts don't it."

"Oh, shut up, I'm cranky and I've been up since six."

"So have I, and besides, it's now ten."

"Ugh," groaned Snow', "How do you do it? How do you go on with so little sleep? And don't give me that meditation crap."

"That's just it, I meditate, I . . . focus my energy, or something like that."

"Ah well, pick a direction and lets go."

They picked a direction and began hiking. They both enjoyed the scenery, and Snow', being a geologist/biologist, looked through the plants, named off a few, and picked a few of the edible ones. They hiked until dusk, they had no problems with the dark, being able to see perfectly in pitch darkness though only in black and white, but Snow' was quite tired, not having gotten enough sleep, so they started a fire, not needing a tent because of their fur. Snow' purred lightly as shi slept, cuddling in Star's arms. . .

At dawn, Snow' awoke, fully refreshed, only to find that Star' was gone. Shi looked got up, dusted the dirt off of hir, and looked around. Shi soon found a note, left by Star' "Went to get breakfast, be back soon," Was all it said. Snow' decided to sit down and await Star' return by waking up more and starting a new fire. It was about an hour until Star' returned, hir saddle-like pack full.

"So . . . what d'ja bring me?"

"Well, you seem to be in a better mood."

"Yeah, I got plenty of sleep last night . . . what's for breakfast?" shi asked again, eager to eat.

"Well, let's see. . . I've got fork horn and some berries aaaannnndddd some more berries," Said Star' as shi unloaded the meat and berries, just as eager to eat as Snow'.

They snacked on the berries until the meat was fully cooked, which didn't take long. Star' ate hir meat with the same fervor that shi ate hir pancakes. After breakfast, Snow' went for a small walk as Star' cleaned up and packed up.

"Be back in a few," shi said as shi walked off.

Shi walked in a generally north direction, leaving a small scratch in each tree with hir claws so that shi could find hir way back. Shi picked a few berries, a few flowers, and a few of the rare herbs found only around here. As shi walked, the trees became sparser, and sparser, still, until shi noticed a small clearing. Shi slowly, for shi was in no rush, walked towards the clearing. When shi was within feet of the entrance, shi picked up a scent . . . the unmistakable scent of blood. Shi then, slowly padded into the clearing and looked around carefully. What shi saw astounded hir. There was a black chakat lying down against a tree in a small pool of hir own blood, gasping for air. When the chakat saw Snow' shi started, and attempted to get up and flee, but the exertion of trying caused hir to scream in pain.

Snow' talked to hir in what shi hoped was a soothing voice, "It's okay, I'm not gonna hurt you, what happened?" But the chakat didn't seem to understand.

Snow' inspected the wounds that shi could see from the distance: a deep-looking wound on hir stomach of hir lower body, some facial cuts, a huge gash on hir shoulder, and shi was holding hir arm as if it were broken. Shi pulled out of hir pack one of the very few pieces of technology that they brought, a small whistle specially tuned to only them. Shi blew it once . . . twice . . . three times, the signal for emergency. While shi waited for Star' to arrive, shi tried to comfort the stranger and get closer. Shi had to be careful, shi knew what could happen if shi scared hir too much. Shi slowly padded towards the chakat, speaking very softly to hir and trying to project calmness to hir. It worked, to a degree, shi managed to get right up next to hir. Shi sat down next to hir and tried again to comfort hir. Just then, Star' came bursting into the clearing with hir small med-kit, completely out of breath.

"Wh-*gasp*-what hap-happened?" Star' asked, panting loudly, when shi spotted Snow' and the bleeding chakat. This, of course, scared the stranger even more and shi jumped up, but instantly fell back to the ground screaming in pain, hir wounds torn open even more.

"I don't know. I was just walking when I came close to this clearing and smelt blood. When I came to investigate, I found hir, just as shi is," replied Snow'.

It took several more minutes to calm the chakat enough to allow Star' to examine hir wounds and bandage them. After shi was bandaged, Star' and Snow' tried to help hir up to bring hir to the campsite, but shi was in too much pain, so Star' remained behind as Snow' went to fetch their stuff. It only took three trips to get their stuff to the new campsite and when Snow' returned from the third trip, shi found the stranger asleep against Star's shoulder. Star' put hir finger to hir mouth in the universal signal of "sh." Snow carefully set the equipment on the ground and gathered twigs and leaves and sticks for their fire later. Then shi settled on the ground on Star's other side, and they rested until the chakat awoke, a few hours later. Shi looked like shi felt much better after hir rest, most of hir smaller, unbandaged cuts had lightly scabbed over and shi tried to get up. Shi managed to do so, slowly, but shi did. Star' got up and went over to hir pack and began rummaging through it, looking for some dried meat or something for the chakat to eat. The stranger followed hir closely, as if shi were the only one shi felt safe with.

"Hey, Star', I think shi likes you." Said Snow' with a little giggle.

"Yeah, I think so, too," shi replied with a grin.

Then shi noticed the look of confusion on the chakats face as shi looked at Star's pack. Star' pulled out a piece of dried meat and handed it over to the chakat. Shi took it carefully and sniffed it, as if shi were checking for poison, then took a small bite of it. Soon shi was eating their food by the handful like shi hadn't eaten in weeks.

"Uh, Snow', I think we're gonna need more food," said Star' as shi watched the chakat eat.

"Well, maybe not yet, look shi's stopped," and as Snow' said that, the chakat stopped eating, yawned and found a comfortable place and laid down to sleep.

"I'll start a fire," said Star'.

"'Kay, I'll go get us some more food."

By the time they had a fire started and the meat slowly cooking, it was dark and Star' and Snow' were cuddling in the fire light . . .


The chakat awoke later to the smell of sex. Shi looked over to see Snow' on top of Star', both were making unmistakable sounds of passion, and they were locked in a deep kiss. Snow' broke the kiss and was the first to notice that the chakat was watching them. Shi whispered to Star' that they were being watched.

"Wanna give hir a show to remember?" asked Star' with difficulty because of the large chakat cock that was in hir.

"Hmmm . . . that would be fun, wouldn't it?" Snow' replied, emphasizing the last part by shoving hir cock hard into Star's pussy.

Snow' continued to pound into Star' for nearly half an hour, and the chakat watched intently. Star' noticed that the chakat had an erection and shi was masturbating, hard. But, Star' didn't have time to comment, because shi began to reach hir peak . . . then both Star' and Snow' cummed, very hard. Star' looked up and saw the chakat, still masturbating, and getting nowhere at it.

"Look at hir, Snow'. I saw hir doing that a few minutes ago and I don't think shi's gettin' anywhere. What d'ya say we . . . help hir along a bit?"

"By 'we' you mean you, right?"

"Well, I am in my female phase . . ." shi trailed off.

"Point taken, go 'head . . .OOPS!" the last part was added because Star' suddenly began a light tittering.

The chakat stopped masturbating when shi saw Star' approach hir. Star' got down on the ground, brought hir mouth to hir cock, and slowly took it in hir mouth. Only a few moments had passed when shi cummed in Star's mouth.

"Wow, that was quick, it must've been hir first time, or its been a while," remarked Star', after shi swallowed the last of the cum.


After their "activities" Snow' and Star' were exhausted. So they lay down, purring in each others arms, and began trying to sleep. Snow' was aware that the chakat was staring at them, then something unexpected happened.

"(AHEM)," began the strange chakat, "My name is Shadow. . ."