Shadow woke crying. Shi'd dreamed about Crimson again. Ever since shi met Chakat Stargaze, though, almost 14 months ago, the dreams had become less and less frequent.

Shi noticed that shi was the only one in the bed. : :Hm, the others must be up, already,: : shi thought to hirself.

Shi climbed out of bed, slowly, because of the cub/cubs shi was carrying. Shi and Chakat Snowfur, Star's other mate, were both carrying Star's offspring. Shi'd decided to remain in chakat form while pregnant, it made carrying hir/them easier.

Shi opened the door of the bedroom and was bombarded by the smell of breakfast. Shi walked into the kitchen and was jumped on by a kitsune, "G'mornin sleepy-head."

Shadow wasn't surprised, Jennifer, the kitsune, did that almost every morning, "Good morning to you, too."

Jen sat back down at the table, and continued to contentedly munch on the stack of flap-jacks in front of her. Shadow also took a place at the table.

Shi noticed Star' looking at hir in concern, "You okay there, Shadow? You seem a bit sad this mornin'."

"Yeah, I am fine. Just a sad dream is all." Everyone looked at Jen, as she suddenly started laughing.

She noticed everyone watching, "Ya know, Shadow, you're one a da few people I know that speaks perfect English. Ya don' hafta, ya know?"

Shadow tittered a bit, "This is true, but old habits are hard to break. When I learned to speak English, I worked very hard at it, this is, simply put, what I have to show for it."

Jen giggled as she ate, though no one was sure why she found it funny.

Snow' spoke up, "So, how'd the negotiations go? Dija finally get Corunak outta the cave?"

"No, shi still won't leave, but I did get a few negotiators to go down there. We are making great progress, hopefully, soon we will be able to get the rest of us up here. There are quite a few of us, who were alive when we fled, all of them greatly desire to see the surface again."

Shi quit talking, as Star' just put a large plate of pancakes in front of hir. Shi suddenly realized that shi was starving and shi had a cub, or two, to feed as well. Snow' watched in amusement as Shadow ate, shi resembled the way Star' had eaten hir 'cakes the day that they had left on the vacation when they'd met Shadow.

Then Star' sat down and devoured hir pancakes with unmatched ferocity. Everyone burst our laughing to see hir get syrup and butter all over hir face. Shadow leaned over and in a loud, but confidential tone said, "I think that you have something on your face."

Star' almost lost the food in hir mouth as shi, as well as everyone else, laughed uproariously hard.

"Oh shut up, like YOU don't?"

Shadow shifted hir fur to a red color for a moment, pretending to blush, "Oops."

Other than Jen tickling everyone by prodding them with her tails, the rest of breakfast went by quietly.

Star' got up and put hir plate in the sink, "I'mma gonna get inda showa, NO ONE MESS WITH THE WATER!"

Everyone laughed, the first few days of Shadow's stay here, shi'd accidentally flushed the toilet or something that made Star's hot water turn cold. It was quite funny to see a soaked, shivering chakat glare.

Shadow finished second and also proceeded to the shower, but not without screwing with Star's water. Everyone laughed again, as they heard Star' yelp in surprise.

Shadow got into the bathroom to see Star' standing out of the shower, waiting for it to warm back up, "Why, Star', you look cold."

Star' gave her a glare of mock anger, "You could say that."

Shadow walked up to hir and hugged hir, "Here, let me warm you up a bit."

Star' then surprised hir by dumping a huge cup of cold water of hir, it was hir turn to yelp in surprise.

They both stepped into the now warm shower, and let it warm them back up.


Star' lightly massaged Shadow's breasts, rubbing the extra-sensitive nipples. Shadow moaned in pleasure that shi hadn't had in over a week. Star' locked hir in a kiss, which shi moaned into. Star' broke the kiss a moved down to lick Shadow's too erect nipple. Shadow gasped and hir breathing started becoming erratic, meaning that shi was close.

Star' noticed and continued more fervently. Moments later Shadow reached hir orgasm and hir front legs buckled from under hir.

"*gasp* Th-that w-was *gasp* good," said Shadow, then shi noticed Star' was sporting an erection, shi looked up at Star', "When we *gasp* first met, you performed a *gasp* service for me, I would like to return the favor." Shi reached over and ran hir hand down Star's length, causing hir to shudder.

Shadow moved further under Star' and took the throbbing erection into hir mouth, Star' purred and growled very loudly in the sensation of having hir member serviced.

Shadow had never done this before, but Star' was obviously enjoying it, so shi must've been doing it right. Shi started to moan as Star' rubbed hir sex-lips, then shoving fingers into hir.

It didn't take much more for Star' to cum, and, with a feline yowl of pleasure of considerable volume (loud even for a chakat), shi started cumming. Shadow recognized what was about to happen, shi knew all to well. Shi braced hirself as Star' began to flood hir mouth with cum. Try as shi might to swallow it all, Star's cum inevitably filled Shadow's mouth and began leaking out.

Star' never quit hir ministrations in Shadow's vagina, and soon Shi orgasmed as well. Star' cupped hir hand to catch all of Shadow's love juice, and when shi stopped cumming, drank it.

After their little sex play, they hugged each other in the after- glow of the orgasms.


They finished washing, dried, then stepped out of the shower. The bathroom door was open and Jen and Snow' were there, giggling.

Shadow blushed, but Star' said, "Oh, be quiet, we all know that Snow' is louder than me."

"All of you are nothing compared to me though," said Shadow and everyone laughed loudly.

Snow' and Jen took their turn in the bathroom and Star' and Shadow went to the bedroom to do their hair and pick out some tops.

"So, Star' what did you have planned for the vacation that we have?" asked Shadow.

"Well, since I have two weeks, it is summer break, and Jen let her clients know that she would be gone for two weeks, I thought dat maybe we'd go campin again, I had fun last year. What do you think of that?"

"I would go anywhere with you. I feel safe and happy with you. The only other time I had felt this good was . . . with Crimson," said Shadow, suddenly feeling sad.

Star' hugged hir, "I love you, I know Crimson did, too. Shi'd want you to be happy. So, let's cheer ya up, huh? How 'bout some music?"

"Yeah, put in 'Edgecrusher' by Fear Factory."

Star' put it in and both were singing with it, "Due to the graphic nature of this program listener discretion is advised . . . conceived in hell beyond your depth of perception . . . chaotic case of conquering domination . . ."

They sang that song as well as the next three, Smasher/Devourer, Securitron, and Descent. Then, Snow' and Jen came in, yelling, "Don't you two have something less, well, hardcore?"

Star' and Shadow exchanged glances, huddled, then went over to the CD player. Star' pushed a few buttons and a new song began, with Star' and Shadow singing again, "This ain't a song for the broken hearted . . . a silent wave for faith departed . . . "

"I like this, who is it?" asked Snow'.

"Its called 'Its My Life' by Bon Jovi, its really old, even older than my Rob Zombie stuff."

Snow' turned down the music, "So, what're we gonna do for our vacation?"

Star' looked at Shadow, who then answered, "We were thinking about going camping. Do you have any objections?"

"Nope," said Snow' and Jen at once.

"Good, den les pack," said Star'.

Packing went by pretty quickly, they were all done in twenty minutes. They loaded what little gear they had into their PTV, and, with Star' in the driver's seat, they took off.

This time they drove for nearly five hours before they stopped and got out, and Star' was singing a familiar song, VERY SLOWLY, "Three bottles of beer on the wall, three bottles of beer, ya take one down, ya pass it around, two bottles of beer on the wall . . . this is a perfect place to stop."


Star' smiled, "Two bottles of beer on the wall, two bottles of beer, ya take one down, ya pass it around, one bottle of beer on the wall, one bottle of beer, ya take it down, ya pass it around, and everybody's drunk now."

"Thank you."

"No pro'lem."

Star' kissed Snow' and the rest of hir protest melted away.

They all, except Jen who couldn't, were purring.

They hiked, except Jen who rode on Star's back, until dark. Then they set up camp. The chakats and Shadow would have no problem with the cold, but Jen had very short fur, so it would be up to the others to keep her warm, which they enjoyed. Star' killed a small fork-horn and cooked it over a fire that Jen started earlier.

After dinner they settled down to sleep.

But, just before they nodded off, a sharp gust of wind picked up, and the cloudless night was suddenly overcast with huge thunder clouds.

Just a small distance from their camp, a lightning bolt struck the ground, and they heard screams of fear and pain.

Star' went first, not going to allow hir mates, pregnant or otherwise, to go first. Star' weave hir way between the trees until shi came upon a large area of charred ground, with two people, a human female and a white chakat, at the center.

The human turned to hir, "HELP, MY MATE IS HURT, BAD. SHI NEEDS HELP."

Star' got some burn ointment out of hir med-kit, it was all shi had available. The white chakat woke as Star' and the human smeared the burns with the ointment.

Shi lifted hir hand and touched the humans cheek, "I . . . love you," then shi passed out, not dead, just unconscious.

After making sure that the chakat was stable, Star' turned to the human, "Who are you?"

The human just looked for a moment, then answered, "My name's Kyrana, and this is Blizzard." . . .

This story is continued in A Twisted Fate, an interlacing of this story and "Kyr and Acedia". A Twisted Fate will be coming soon, so stay tuned . . .