The dead are walking,
Ice is burning,
Fate is balking
My mind is turning.
For me the answers were never there,
I tried to find them,
It's just not fair.
For all but me,
Life seemed so simple,
But now I see,
How wrong I was.
I look through the portal,
I see Earth's great mass,
I'm no longer mortal,
I can't feel time pass.
I wonder how I got this way,
As I sift through all Earth's history,
I no longer see the light of day,
I'm now part of the mystery.
I look at all that has scarred my soul,
And how humans turned Earth,
To a charred lump of coal.
Why nothing lives on the planet of my birth.
My families been gone for thousands of years,
Humanity destroyed itself,
Fulfilling its own fears,
I turn away from the dark twisted form,
Try to block out the memories,
I try to force myself to die,
I've lost touch with all life's energies.