I hope you don't have to leave
(May 2, 2003)

Roses are red, violets are blue,
I pray to God, to watch over YOU.
My thoughts and my prayers you know are true,
The person on my mind today is YOU.
For its YOU that I care for, YOU in my heart,
May we always be close, may we never drift apart.
I don't want to loose you, what ever will I do,
How can I live my life knowing, I may never again talk to YOU.
Someone please help me, I'm so filled with fright,
I hope and I pray that they send you home tonight!
I hope you don't go away, and leave me this way,
I can't bear knowing you're sitting alone, locked away.
Please say you'll be back, and erase my frown,
The waiting is killing me, like the feeling I'm going to DROWN.
I hope you come back, and tell me you are fine,
Please never forget me, for you are always in this heart of MINE!