The River Bank
(by Night Breeze)

Laying here on the banks of a river,
Memories of bygone days float by,
Warm sunlight dances between the leaves,
Creating kaleidoscopic patterns around where I lie.

As time goes by nature grows accustomed,
Letting me become a part o the serenity,
Becoming one with the wonders of this scenery,
Blending into the surrounds peacefully.

Hearing the water trip and fall on cobbled stones,
Rushing blinding at the will of the river's curves,
Causing all my muscles to relax and be calm,
My heartbeat slows, taming all my nerves.

A brisk breeze blows, rustling the leaves of the trees,
I close my eyes as I feel the leaves tickle my skin,
Acrobatics in motion falling playfully on my body,
Covering me, surrounding me, accepting me, letting me in.

"Crunch". . . "Crunch" a creature approaches,
Rustling leaves rise and fall in unison with my chest,
Cautiously the furry animal nears, lured by the calm,
The baby rabbit twitches his nose and decides its time to rest!
(Sept. 20, 2003)