Nature's Simplicity

The sun set gently into the west. Cassandra watched the red, orange and yellows fade into the dark blues and blacks that were the night. The night seemed to come quickly in the fall.
"I think today is such a beautiful day!" Cassandra cried, twirling around to see the world. The evening had quickly faded into a fall night. The leaves blanketed the trees in their familiar reds and golds, but it was hard to see in the darkness. She lay down in the crisp green grass, which was still slightly wet from the earlier rain. It was a comfortable night, lightly overcast, with fluffy white clouds hiding the golden light of the moon.
It seemed mysterious that night, the stars seemed so real that Cassandra felt she could reach out and grab them. She put a few strands of her long brown hair behind her ear, gazing out towards the night.
The stars glimmered with their bright twinkle, an everlasting glow, making them seem so close. Cassandra laughed because sometimes it was extremely hard to remember that they truly were many light-years away.
"Hmm. lovely night," Cassandra murmured, relaxing into the grass and then she closed her eyes for a moment. An owl hooted in the distance. The wind seemed to gently whisper in her ear as the trees moved with the wind, their leaves slightly ruffling to some sort of unknown beat. It wasn't cold out, but the breeze chilled her slightly and she rubbed her arms to warm herself up. The mysteries of the night drew her into her own world, a world of fanciful imagination and pleasant dreams. She watched various birds fly overhead, seeking their nests for a peaceful sleep.
The creatures that often dwelled in the night were making their first appearance in some hours. The crickets, nowhere to be seen, began to play their haunting music, a quick paced tune or even a slow paced tune, whatever suited their mood. Cassandra listened closely with her ear, and hummed with them, the night growing darker. She smiled and laughed again, the clouds were disappearing so the full moon now lit her face. She knew she would have to head home soon, but this night was just too beautiful to miss and she wished to remain there forever. Lost in her own world, letting the night turn to its darkest, she smiled again, realizing something. It was a precious, precious night, and those were few and far between.