Drifting asleep

Entering my sanctuary

Where time knows no limits

Where I can go anywhere

At the drop of a hat

The one world I control

Dreaming now

Here at last

To be confronted

By all of life's problems

So subtly symbolized

Walking down a hallway

I open doors

Look in on my thoughts

Behind one door

I see myself

Running away from my wedding

The groom a faceless man

Is it a symbol

For lack of commitment?

Or not finding Mr. Right?

The door closes

And another opens

There I am

In a classroom so dearly hated

A test passed back to me

Pass or fail?

No one knows

Yet, I cant seem to care

My mind shows me that apathy

Must I face it?

Must I be concerned?

The door swings shut

Another clicks open

There is a funeral

For a faceless person

I cry for the nobody

As if they were my own

Is there symbolism here?

Does it mean that

I want a person to die?

Or is it a symbol

Of a dead friendship?

Walking further

A door opens to me

I see my best friend

He is a hawk

With a pointed nose and beady eyes

He sprouts wings

Will he fly away

Like so many friends have before?

Drifting towards wakefulness

Pondering unasked questions

Life queries never to be answered

More and more pile up

With no solutions

What am I to do?