Live inside a crystal ball,
Dream beyond the stars,
Journey through a theatred life
Take pride in who you are

Inferiority complex
Is eating deep inside
Darkness prevents my call for help
What do I have but pride?

Pride retains my image
That I am one of you,
Immersed inside a world of glass
You fail to see the truth.

For, I live outside the bubble
My world is parallel
I mirror you; I envy you
Inside your happy cell

Lies I do not speak to you,
Truth hurts too much to say.
I want to live inside that world!
I'll take your dream someday.

For now I perform pretence,
That I am, deep within,
I am just like one of you,
Masked in jealousy and sin.

Can you see through my disguise?
The man behind the clown?
And if you could see past the bubble,
On me would you look down?