This story is about an elf who kidnaps a prince and falls in love
with him. It involves spankings, bondage, semi-rape, and some horse-play (made to act like horses). It also involves a male/male
relationship but also has some female/male. There is some very
graphic, erotic images as well as some naughty language. If you do not like any of these things please read no further. Thank you and may you enjoy. Mistress Ghost

Fierce Love
By: Dragon Sapphire and Ghost

Chapter One
Dark spruce trees surrounded the young boy with dark violet hair and bright emerald eyes as he rushed towards the sprinting deer. He knewhe would be whipped if his father knew he was out hunting by himself again. The deer stopped in a clearing as if listening to (for that is what the boy was called) crouched in wait andraised his bow and arrow, when a dark form appeared in front of him and then he saw darkness...

I woke up curled up next to a fire. My head was roaring with pain
and when I tried to move, I couldn't because of the ropes binding
me. Near my side, I noticed that all of my possessions were shovedinto a tan leather sack. There was an ominous looking man sitting inthe shadows speaking to himself in a language I was unable torecognize. I felt something heavy hanging at my neck - necklace which I wasn't wearing before...

"Help me! You there...Help me!" I screamed at the man in the
shadows, but all he did was laugh and lean into the light. I soon
realized that he was not a man at all, but an Elf.

"There is no use in struggling, my pretty little human. You are minenow and shall do as I say or suffer the consequences!" sneered the Elf. Long, jagged bangs obscured half of his angular face and thevisible red-orange eye pierced into my own, freezing me. His blondebraid was carelessly thrown over a broad shoulder and a longgruesome scar marred his left cheek, causing him to appear even more chilling.

"I belong to no one!" I sneered back at him and tugged against my restraints.

"Mmm, I don't think so, little one. Feel that necklace 'round your
neck? It means you are now mine. So if you disobey me, I shall haveto punish you.

"Tell me. Have you ever felt the sting of a willow branch?" I ceased my attempts at freeing myself and narrowed my eyes at him.

"Yes, I have. But there's no way on God's green Earth that I'll everbe owned by someone, let alone you!" The Elf stood up so fast that I fell back from the sudden movement. He walked up to me and grabbedmy chin, pulling it up so that I was forced to look at him. Hesmirked and said, "Behave yourself." He let go of my chin and walkedback to where he was sitting. I glared at him. He smiled at me.

"Go to sleep, my little human."


"Behave yourself!" All I could do was what he told me to do.

So I lay back down and closed my eyes, trying to get as comfortable as I could with my legs and arms still bound. I thought of what my parents were thinking. They probably thought I'd run away again. Father would send out the Guard again searching for me - he'd really wail me now...Well, at least he would've had I come home. Mother would be worried sick. Since she'd never dream of striking me, all she'd do is cover my face in kisses praising God for my safe return. Hah! Safe! My backside would be well warmed once Father got a hold of me...I could feel arms grabbing mine and shaking me now...

"Wake up, my little human." It was that damned Elf waking me up frommy nightmare. He helped me up and pushed me forward. "Walk."

I did as I was told. My dream still lingering.

"I'm not your little human! My name is Adrien."

"I see. Well, Adrien, you'd better behave yourself today. No more warnings." I bowed my head in shame. I hadn't been told-off in
nearly eight weeks - and that was a long time for me. Now this
snobbish Elf was telling me what to do. Well, I wouldn't stand for it.

"I am not your slave now let me go!"

"I don't think so."

"Well I do! Now let me go!" I ran at the Elf, lowering my head in
hopes I would head-butt him and knock him out of my way. Alas, he was quicker than I, as was expected. He grabbed my left arm, placed his foot on a tree stump and bent me over his leg. He raised his hand in the air.

"Stop that right now! Do you want me to resort to this pitiful form of human discipline?!"

"You wouldn't dare!"

"Oh, yes I would! And if you take another toe out of line I will
spank you."

"Hah! You're bluffing!"

"I do not think you are in the position to be taking that tone with
me, Adrien," and with that he lowered his hard hand several times on my backside. I emitted a low cry on the last stroke.

"You see, I did spank you."

"Call that a spanking?!" He pulled me up harshly and forced my face towards his, making me meet his own. He was furious. That eye pierced me with icy fire once again.

"Would you like me to use my belt or break off a willow branch and do it proper then?"

"N-no sir..."

"All right then. Behave yourself." I nodded miserably and watched the Elf as he removed my bindings and locked a gold cuff onto my right wrist. He attached a short leash to it and wrapped it around his own hand. He nudged me forward and I started to walk. There was nothing else I could do.

We walked, and walked. I had no idea where we were going. The Elf moved so gracefully it was almost as if he were floating, I noticed as my thoughts began to wander.

"I still don't know your name..."


We walked into a clearing in the forest and came upon a medium sized house. "This is my home." There was a little flower garden with a water fountain in the center of the clearing while large trees surrounded the sides and back. There was a little gate which opened up to a dirt path that lead to the front door of the house. "Haulu" was painted on the top of the door frame and I looked questioningly at it and then at Kaiel.

"It means 'hello' in Elvish. You pronounce it: 'ha-oh-low'."



He led me into the house. In the front room was a body-length mirror near the door with intricate designs painstakingly etched into its surface. The walls were a neutral beige, bare save for a few paintings that were interspersed across its surface. Proceeding outof the front room and into his living room, there was a completely different style. The walls were chestnut brown and a stone fireplace sat in one corner which had large fluffy pillows which resembled leaves and acorns piled in front of it. A table made of oak was situated in the middle of the pillows. I realized that it was very short - there was no way legs would be able to fit under it. There was a large grandfather clock as well. It gave a deep ring as it struck 9 o'clock.

Turning left out of the living room was a dining area. There was an ice box in the farthest corner and next to it was a large basin
filled with water to wash the dishes and homemade soap sat in a
little cup on the table where the basin was situated. We back-
tracked through the living room and turned right, entering what
appeared to be his bed chamber. It had beautiful gold walls with a subtle leaf border that trailed along across the top.

The massive bed placed in the center had silks of red and gold with silver drapes around it to block out the sun. There was a paintingmof two other Elves to the right of it. It was probably Kaiel'smparents. The woman had ash-blond hair with burnt sienna eyes; themman had dark brown hair with ice- blue eyes. Next to it was ampainting of a baby. It was obviously him - Kaiel - the eyes thatnseemed tinted by fire gave it away.

Again there was a fireplace, not as big as the one in the living room, but fairly sizeable. There were scented candles strewn about the place that left a lingeringnaroma of lavender and something else that I couldn't put a name to. Above the mantle of the fireplace was a large, sinewy willow branch. I looked at it and lowered my eyes to the floor. I was sure my
cheeks were turning pink.

There was a dark door which lead to the bathing area. An ornately carved bathtub sat in the middle. All sorts of herbs and soaps were standing on the edge of the tub or in a little cabinet.

"Let's get you washed up now, shall we?" I looked sheepishly around me then back at Kaiel. "This won't be the only time I see you naked. There's no need to be ashamed."

He placed his delicate fingers at the top of my shirt and pulled it
off. He unhooked the leash and placed it on a side table. He made to reach for the top of my pants, but I drew back and he put his hands on his narrow hips.

"Now, my pet, there is no need to be ashamed."

"I am not ashamed! I can do it myself!"

"Tsk tsk. Don't talk to me that way," he caught at my pants again
and this time he pulled them down. He looked fondly at my
circumcised penis and touched the tip with his fingers, caressing it softly.

"Get in. I'll join you in the moment," he said as he lightly smacked my backside and smiled, leaving the bathing room and going back into his own.

I stepped into the tub, the hot water and bubbles surrounding me
completely. It felt so good to be clean and in a warm place again. A few minutes later, Kaiel came back wearing nothing but a pony-tail holder. He was carrying a large wooden bath-brush. I looked from the brush to him and blushed. He ignored it and stepped in the tub with me.

"Turn around." I hesitated for a second then did as I was told.

He began to pour water on my back and neck and lathered in some of the soap and herbs, rubbing in the soap with the brush. I expected the brush to be hard and rough against my skin, but it was feathery and soft. Kaiel rinsed the soap off then made me turn towards him. He pulled me against his lean body and gave me a hot, deep-throatedkiss. Our tongues flew like angels, dancing around each other as if in a ballet. We stopped kissing and I felt dazed. I put some bubbles on his chest and rubbed it in, for lack of anything better or more coherent to do. Kaiel smiled and kissed the top of my head.

"I can be kind, you know. If you'd obey me." I glared at him and
stopped massaging the soap in. I moved to the other side of the tub and sat down, curling my legs up to my chest.

"Well, now. Adrien's having a temper-tantrum. That won't do," he moved over to me and kissed me deeply again. I felt my anger
unwillingly melt away under his talented mouth. I relaxed and pulled my legs back in the water, watching the water swirl around me. He sat there smiling softly at me and said nothing.

It was too much. I couldn't give in to him. I stood up swiftly
causing the water to rush away from me and spill over the sides. Hispleasant expression faded into a frown and he stood up with me. The water slowly tumbled away, not splashing as wildly as when I stood up. My eyes grew large as I saw him grab the bath brush. I backed up against the wall as Kaiel strode up to me, brandishing the brush, and grabbed my arm. He pulled me up to his firm chest and forced me to look up into his visible eye. Something unrecognizable flashed across the smoldering orb and then was gone as soon as it had come.

Kaiel put the brush on the small table and then released my arm. He raised his hand as if to place it against my cheek, but let it fall
before it came in contact with my skin. He moved away from me and draped a robe around his body, entering into his room to dress.

I stood there naked. I finally realized I was sans clothing when I
felt the goose-bumps forming on my bare skin. I wrapped the other robe around my cooling body and went into his room. I moved to stand next to him by the wardrobe and he didn't look at me.

"I have to go somewhere tomorrow."


"That is none of you business, my dear."

Up next: Miczeal, one of Kaiel's friends is sent over to watch
Adrien and only trouble can come of it...

Please, please, please read the disclaimers on chapter one
of "Fierce Love". The same things apply. Spankings, bondage,
male/male relationships, semi-rape (not too yuckky!)