A/N: This is the beginning of something, right now, I'm not sure what. If you think it has potential say something, otherwise it will most likely fade the bottom of my 'to do' list.

The walls were draped in red velvet. Elaborate candelabra adorned the room, creating flickering light and an antique atmosphere. There was a large cherry-wood desk; various stacks of paper, and assorted oddities, along with a laptop (quite wrecking the theme of the room) sat atop the gleaming surface. The back of a plush chair faced visitors. Olique entered the room slowly. The small demon who had appeared to be a receptionist had told her to go straight in, but she was a little disinclined to believe anybody here. In a place where everybody tells you whatever will have the most amusing outcome for them, taking directions at face value is not the smartest thing to do. Olique had learned that quickly, when she had nearly fallen off of a cliff that happened to open right out of a closet-a closet that was supposed to lead to the bathroom.
The door to the smoky room was half-way open, and Olique knocked gently. The black chair spun around sharply to reveal the most human looking creature she had seen yet. The woman's long, wavy, white-blond hair fell gently around her face as her piercing red eyes focused on the guest. She was wearing a red suit with a black shirt underneath, giving a glimpse of cleavage.
"What is it, dear?" Olique was a little shocked at the casualty of her language.
".Uh. I'm sorry, is this Lady Taka's office?"
"Yes, what do you need?" Her voice was sharp and to the point however.
"Well, I was wondering about soul collecting."
"You're still human, yes?"
"Uh, yes."
"Then sign this, and be quick, I'm in the middle of negotiating Michael Jackson's latest contract." A stack of papers about an inch thick was thrust into Olique's chest, along with a red pen. As Taka spun back around, Olique could see half of a crystal globe mounted on the wall behind the desk. It looked rather like the magical equivalent of video conferencing. Olique stared at the mass of papers she was to sign. She was startled by Taka's voice again.
"You can keep them for as long as you want, read them, have a lawyer look at them, they're all legally sound. You must use that pen to sign, and as soon as you do, a trainer will appear and you will start. You may go now." Taka hadn't turned back to face Olique, but Olique bowed anyway.
"Um, thank you very much. Do you happen-chance know a safe way out of here? Only, I had such a hard time getting here, and no one will give a straight answer." Olique bit her lip slightly. At this, Taka did turn around.
"Honey, there are no safe ways in or out." She chuckled a little as she turned away, and Olique knew that was the end of the conversation. Olique backed out slowly and left the door half open again.

Olique decided that the hallway was about as safe as she was going to get for the time being, and she sat down against the wallpaper. In the faint light, she flipped through the contract. As she suspected, there was a lot of legalese, all of which she did not understand in the slightest. She assumed the basic gist was that she would collect souls for Lady Taka in exchange for whatever wishes she may have. One thing she was not certain about was whether she would maintain ownership of her soul in the end. She'd have to ask Laitima about it when she got back home-if she managed to make it home alive.