War Hero
Bullets flying,
I'm scared as hell.
Bouncing off armor,
Sounding like bells.
I hide in the dark,
My weapons forgotten,
As I crouch near the wall,
Safety, I've gotten.
But at what cost?
My squad is still fighting,
Dodging behind covers,
Gunfire lighting.
I look up and I see
Jordan in danger.
Sniper takes aim,
I HAVE to save her!
I pick up my rifle,
Time slows down,
It's just me and the sniper
In this shell-shocked town.
I see his breath cloud,
Fogging his scope,
He wipes it clean,
I pray to the Pope.
I squeeze the trigger,
My rifle leaps back,
Planting my shell,
In the snipers neck.
I look down at Jordan,
Smiling weakly,
And I grin back,
That was way closer than any could have asked.
I feel an odd weight,
Roll against my foot.
I glance down,
My prior victory now moot.
I look up to the sky,
Thank the gods for this chance.
I drop down,
Guarding my squad, this their last chance.
Before the shell blows,
I hear Jordan scream.
I glance over my shoulder,
My life for her dreams.
The bomb goes off,
My world goes dark.
I took the blast,
For my squads work.
Incomplete at the moment,
But soon to be done.
They'll visit my name,
When the war is over, Done.