Dante leaned against the tree outside of a window. The window belonged to a girl he didn't even know.

"This is the one who's always in my dreams," he said to himself as he watched the girl get into her bed and turn off her light. She turned on her radio like she did every night. "But what is so significant about this girl?"

That's when a light formed around her. A crystal-like blue light radiated off from her. Dante jumped off of the tree and levitated up to the second story window, which was her room. He peered into the room and could see the light still coming from her. By now he was very curious. The light began to grow and form an exact replica of her above her own body.

The light figure positioned itself so it was standing up and looked at him. That's all it did was stare at him. The window slowly opened and the figure motioned for him to come in. Dante climbed into the window and came face to face with the figure.

"Who are you?" He asked. But he never got an answer. Darkness began to swallow up everything and the light from the girl disappeared. Everything disappeared . . .

Dante bolted up in his sleep and sweat was shaped around his hairline and forehead. This was the closest he had been to the girl; the farthest he ever got in the dream. All he wanted was to know her name and why he was dreaming of her. She seemed to be very like him though. The light she gave off wasn't normal at all but he was far from normal. The clock read 3:15 a.m. so he crashed back down onto the pillow. He knew he wasn't going to get sleep but it was still worth the try.

"Who is this girl?" He muttered to himself while closing his eyes.