Today was hot for being in October. Usually we were lucky if it was even 70° this time of the year. I walked to the porch and grabbed my skateboard. I was going to see if my friend Mike was home so he could go skating with me. I began to skate down my street towards Mike's house. I was doing fine until I went past Aimee's house. I got off of my board and walked towards Mike's house. Every time I went by Aimee's house I would get flashbacks. They were very unwanted ones.

It was one night, a couple of years ago, when I had been dating her. She would physically abuse me and I would let her because I thought I loved her. I figured I was just being a stupid kid once we broke up. We did go back out because I thought things would change but they didn't. They got worse. Everyday I would go over she would hit me and bite me, and just everything. That was when I figured out I had powers.

We were fighting like we had been that whole month and she was screaming that she hated me and how she wished we had never met. It was crap like that she would tell me. I believed every word of it too because I was so blind. She came up to me and hit me with her shoe. I grabbed it out of her hand and threw it across the room. I was telling her to stop, but she wouldn't. She grabbed a pan from the kitchen cabinet and flung it at me. That's when I stopped it from coming at me. It just stopped in midair and then dropped. There was a look of horror on her face but that didn't stop her from trying to throw other things and me. She picked up a knife and came after me with it.

She pushed me down on the ground and began to try to stab me with it. I held her hands up, preventing her to actually let it touch me. She was screaming at me and calling me a bastard. I felt myself gain some weird power and I ended up pushing her so hard that she flew into the wall. I looked at my hands. It had to be a dream because I knew it wasn't possible. The knife flew to my hand and I caught it. She came darting towards me but I jumped and surprisingly stayed in the air. This was when she called me a freak and told me it was over. I gladly left her house.

I ran home after I threw the knife into the river, which was next to her house. I was scared not only by her violent self that day but also the fact that I was doing things I couldn't explain. I didn't bother saying anything to my parents in the living room. I just hurried into my bedroom.

"Dante?" My sister asked.

"Leave me alone!" I exclaimed and the door slammed because I wanted it to. It seemed so unreal. How was I controlling things? I couldn't understand. That's when my sister came barging into the room.

"Go away." I told her.

"Dante, you have nothing to be afraid of." She replied.

"What do you mean?"

"I know what you're going through."

"How would you even know?"

"It happened to me too."


"Watch this." She ordered me as she disappeared slowly and reappeared next to me on my bed.

"But how? What's going on?" I asked confused.

"Dante, you've always had special powers. You just needed something to trigger them." She smiled encouragingly.

"So this isn't a dream?"

"Nope. It's far from it."

"I'm confused."

"Don't worry, I was too."

"But I still don't understand."

"That's normal. I didn't understand until mom and dad told me about how we we're different compared to others."

"How are we different?" I asked. This was too much for me to find out in 10 minutes.

"We have powers no one else has. There are only a few people like us and even they might not know they have powers. We can read minds, sense things, go invisible, move things with our minds, and many other things. You should try them out so you can get used to them."

"What if I don't want to?"

"You have no choice. You'll sometimes read others' minds without meaning to. Oh, and the ghost will appear as they wish."


"Yeah you know, dead people."

"I know what ghosts are, Sally."

"You could've fooled me." She teased.

"Shut up." I responded by hitting her with my pillow. "Why didn't you guys tell me this before?"

"You had to find out on your own just like I did."

"Someone could have warned me." I hinted at her.

"Sorry, mom and dad wouldn't let me."

"It's okay but seriously now, ghosts?!"

Then she laughed at me and messed up my hair.

I closed my eyes and angrily launched an energy ball at the tree. Why was I so stupid?

Dante . . .

"Go away!" I screamed, holding my hands against my ears while closing my eyes.

Dante . . .


Don't be afraid . . .

I opened my eyes and looked around.

Don't be afraid . . .

The voice didn't speak again after that. I had no idea who it was either. What did it all mean anyway? I shook out the thought and skated the rest of the way to Mike's. There was no way I could tell him about things but maybe he would help me clear my mind.