A/N: Written to give to some of my friends at the end of the year.
Namely, Pain (AKA Snow White), A certain red-headed Serkëwen, Úlmëa, My
Friend The Queen (who just can't wait), The Aardvark Hater, My Poking
Brain Bowl Friend, my Card Shark Friend, My former Historian friend (still
my friend, no longer Historian) and I think that's it. I put that down, as
though none of the above mentioned have (to my knowledge) fictionpress
accounts, they DO read stories on here, and in the event that they actually
read one of my stories, well. basically, if you are one of the above (you
know who you are) STOP! NOW! Anyway, I hope that the rest of you
enjoy 'Such Friends'

True friendships never die,
Family isn't defined by blood
But by strong bonds that won't break,
Won't let others down,
even if one could.
Bonds tempered and tested
by trials and pain
what we are is family,
and such we shall remain,
Loyal to one another
until the very end
And whatever shall happen
between this moment and then,
I am always glad
to have had such friends.