at night i'm left alone with the voices in my head
telling me to let you go, get over it
like ghosts that haunt me
they're always there
leading me to the darkest of places
i miss you
i hate you
i love you
i want to have never met you
this loneliness
this aching pain
like having the wind knocked out of me
it grinds me down
wears away at my essence, the part of me that is you
for we are one person
and our one person is my world
it causes my joy, my suffering
my sanity or lack thereof
my world is disintegrating
falling apart at the edges
forming holes in the center
shriveling as if burned away by an unseen hand
who does not want it anymore
does not want my happiness or sadness
does not care that i am in pain
an unseen hand who controls my life without wanting or trying to
who can kill me or let me live with one word or gesture
you are a good person