This shows the flare of poetry embedded in my heart...

You stupid, idiotic, moronic fool

Do you know how much I hate you

And at first I thought I liked you!

The anger beneath me

Longs to pierce you

The flame of hatred

Longs to swallow you

What I really wanna do

Is just to eat you

Bit by bit I induldge you

Your ugly disfigured face

Will soon be gone as I race

Do you think anyone will ever like you?

I will puke if the boys do

Give up

No one will ever do

Bitchy attitudes can't rule

Your lies will never do

As I hate you

I hate you

I hate you

Lies spread throughout will only lit my spirit

To hunt you and spear you

Your falling to the ground

Will bring a smile onto my face

As I laugh with so much grace

Those lies I hear

Will only bring you to your doom

It too late to shut up

As you're gonna die very soon

I hope she DOESN'T rest in peace when she dies...