A/N: this was a mock epic I did for L.A class in 8th grade… its really funny… this is not meant to be offensive… I have a back brace too! REVIEW please!

Mock Epic- The Magical Back Brace

She walked down the hill, on a normal sunny day.

Back from school, where she learns and plays.

She walks merrily, not a worry in mind.

Normally she sad, but that's another poem, another time.

She stopped walking when someone came running and screaming:

"The Wicked Witch and her demon minions are coming!"

She wanted to run, for she feared for her life.

But the schoolgirl knows that she had to do what's right.

She then said to the fearful crowd, "Stand aside, for I have come!

I am here to save you, dudes, now let it be done!"

She stood there and waited as the Wicked Witch approached.

"My, my…" The Wicked Witch murmured, "So they send a lil' cockroach."

She watched as the Witch sent her demon minions forth.

Now seeing such things, she wanted to run back north.

She, the girl, sent those thoughts to the back of her mind, and smiled a smile full of grace.

"I'll send you to the deepest pit in Hell!" the girl yelled, "With my Magical Back Brace!"

She smiled a cocky smile and a light surrounded the girl.

Then she yell, "Behold! The most powerful back brace in the world!"

She held up the back brace and then used the charmed Velcro

The Witch saw this and let out a blood-curling scream, "IT'S MY END! OH NO!"

She laughed as the demon minions vanished

Along with the Wicked Witch whom perished.

She was then praised, for they are not dead.

But sadly there was a lesson taught.

She smiled evilly and told them, "If it weren't for me you'll have no head.

So praise me! My Magical Back Brace saved your butt!"

She cackled and cackled but was soon stopped with a beeping sound

"What the heck?" She said as everything turned black and found her self on the ground.

She tried to stand up, but the back brace was around her body.

Just then her mom walked in, "Good morning, Honey."

She then realized that her being a hero was not what it seems.

"Oh darn!" She stated, her mother confused. "I'm only a hero in my dream!"