Queen Eleanor's child was called Isabelle

The scholars educated her very well

She was brought up not knowing her father

And was forced to grow up with only her brother

For she was taken from her mother at the age of five

And had to work fields to just stay alive

The King of France knew of her mother

For his most loyal servant was her brother

He knew she was of royal breed

So then her horrible life was freed

From tilling and ploughing the always-brown fields

And betrothed her to a knight with swords and shields

She didn't love him but she had no choice

Never did he listen to her crying voice

The day before they were to wed

The man disappeared, and they found him dead

Bleeding to death from an arrow in the head

Isabelle was wanted for committing the crime

She ran away at an outrageous time

She climbed on her horse and spurred it away

She rode all night till break of day

She ate berries for lunch and berries for tea

And sat at night by the edge of the sea

Dreaming of flowing fields of wheat

And in the water dipped her feet

She lived in the forest for many a day

Until knights found her and took her away

They took her to the king, on a chestnut mare

Her lips moved as she recited a silent prayer

Through the fields, and into the fort

Sentenced guilty for murder to her beloved escort

They dragged her down to a lake full of water

She knew what was happening, like a lamb at the slaughter

Queen Eleanor was helpless to save her own daughter

The water was murky, and green as a toad

Yet no one saw the peasant on the straight, dusty road

She struggled and kicked, but the knight's grip was tight

Still the man staggered on, bracing for a fight

She thought of times when the water would glisten

The man begged them to stop, but no one would listen

A large fat fish darted past her head

The man struggled on, limbs feeling like lead

At last as blackness coated her world

The peasant screamed, "let go of that girl!

She is innocent, I'm sure, and this I can prove

But listen here, before you disapprove

She didn't kill the man, which is all I can say

But this bow tells the story, as clear as day

For you see this blood on the wood, it's quite clear

That this bow shot the arrow in the deadman's ear

But the owner has gone, he has fled in fear."

They pulled her out, pale as death

"Hello," said the man, "my name is Seth"

He was rewarded for saving the young woman's life

By inviting her to be his lawful wedded wife

They both agreed, and the commitment was made

And together they lived, together they prayed

The man received nothing but a portion of land

And took his wife to it, hand in hand

They knew then that true love lasts

And they both forgot about their pasts

She was wrongly accused, and he was a peasant

But now their life became quite pleasant

They lived long and happy, on the portion of land

They walked in the garden, still hand in hand

But then their came an unpleasant day

In the early days of the month called May

The dear old man had passed away