I'm sorry
It means nothing
And yet I'm still sorry though
I'm sorry for what I've done
I'm sorry for what I said

My heart aches
My soul is shattered
And yet I'm still sorry
Have I said enough?
My eyes are dry
No longer shedding tears

I'm sorry that I can't go on
I'm holding my breathe
Waiting for it to happen
Dreams are what I'm chasing
Dreams that I can never reach

My heart continues to ache
My soul is still shattered
And yet I'm still sorry
I'm sorry for the pain I've caused
I'm sorry for the trouble

And even though I can't let go
Even though I won't let go
Even though I'd rather sleep
Slip into the darkness of my heart
And torture myself in nightmares
Wishing it was then
Wishing for the past

I'm sorry
Let me say one last time
I'm sorry

My heart no longer aches now
My soul is being born again
I'm not sorry I've awakened
I've let myself breathe again
And I'm just not sorry anymore