School is Out for Another Summer

As school gets out everyone seems to be more at ease. I know for the seniors they are getting even more excited then ever. This was their last year at whatever high school hell they came from. Also what a task it was to make it this far. All my JR. friends they are excited too. They have "one more year, I can't wait" looks upon their faces. But to tell you the truth your senior year is just like every other year. Only thing is you get to take finals a week early and get out in the middle of the week. But to tell you the truth it's just the same as if you were still a JR.

I was a senior this year and it was fun. There are still a lot of things that I wish I could do, like hang out with my friends whenever I wanted to stay the night at my girlfriends' house and stay up all night talking about some boy I like. Or go to the movies and not have to worry about what time it's over and just enjoy the movie. But no, there's no way my friend's and I could do that now. We all have jobs and we all need to be somewhere at all times. We maybe consider adults now but all I want is to have time to spend with my friends before they all move away or got married even go to some far away college never to return, not even for their parents!

As I sit here typing what I think and eating my Coco Pebbles. I still can't believe that next fall I'll be staring college! Kind of a scary thought once you think about it long and hard enough. Oh well, "it's all part of growing up" I guess, well that's what everyone tells me anyway. I really can't complain too much really. There are some good things that come about this. I can be out longer (when I have the time to be out) and all I have to do is say "Hey I'm going be back in a bit." And then leave. My father has the idea that now that I'm 18 I don't have to do some-of the things I had to do when I wasn't for him where I'm going. Even though I still do. It nice to have someone who knows where you are. Well that's what I've been taught. Also I'm the first of my parents children to graduate, that's a big deal I guess.

I'm waiting very impatiently for the clock to get to 8:15. I have Grad things to do and I need to get them done. But I guess I have to wait as long as it takes and then do what I have to get done. Well like I said graduating isn't what they say it is. But still very important. Also even though I suppose to be wise and all knowing. I have no lasting words for you. All I have to say is have fun. Spend as much time as you can with your grade school/high school friends, because after that last year you might not see them again! Always remember your friends, even if you haven't seen each other in years call them up, call their moms and dads to see how they been their new numbers and such. Then call them. If something changes tell them so they don't have to call your mom and dad. And have no regrets. That's the main thing. Because if you regret some that you have done then you shouldn't have done it. Don't worry about some silly fight you had with your best friend graduation Day because in 2 years you'll miss them, no matter what they did or said! So love each other and care for one another! Also have a happy life whatever it is your going to do.

With Very Much Love,

Amanda Gregg
Class of 2004