A/N: Sorry for not doing anything lately, I've been doing a lot but the
story will be finished hopefully by July, and mebbe I'll throw in a few
more (hopefully happier) poemz.

Untitled Venting

I'm so tired of trying
And lying and finding
No matter how much I'm dying
I'm hopelessly wrong

Fuck this school and the fools
With their tools they can't use
They try hard to be cool
But *poof* now they're gone

Let me out let me shout
Let me scream all about
How much I truly doubt
I'll ever be ok

When you're not here, not near
I fear you can't hear
How I can't seem to steer
All the dark things away

How I wish that this bitch
Of a body would switch
To someone you wouldn't miss
When I'm acting so strange

Please, let's run away
Let's not stay one more day
It's the cause of decay
That's going on in my head

Don't mind me, I'm dead
My head's gone to bed
I think that instead
Of smiling, I'll cry

I'm just fading now
Oh the clouds are all brown
Can't finish this, how
Did I ever let this thing die . . .