Maybe this is my drunken with sleep rambling,
But is it okay for me to share myself with you?
To let you know that someone, anyone, needs you?
My words might seem meaningless at times,
Much like they always have to some,
But I care the same now as I have before.
Despite any of the disagreements we might have
Or my occassional anger over some stupid thing,
Just thought I'd let you know that everything
But Nothing
Has changed about my thoughts and feelings.
To me, you are still the same person who
Made me smile when I really needed it,
And who humbled me when my pride swelled too far.
Like I said, this maybe my half awake rambling,
But I still think of you
When no one else does...
I will still care about you
When no one else will...
And I think I will love you
Despite what doubting hearts may say.