I'll Not Walk Alone
I wonder what you see, mother
As you gaze with sightless eyes.
Is it just my imagination,
Or see you heaven's skies?
I know it was long expected,
But it still comes a shock.
Five long years of struggling
And now it's all for naught.
But you did all you could;
I know you tried your best.
You fought so long, dear mother,
And now it's time to rest.
So I whisper my love one last time,
As tears run down my face.
But I know who waits at journey's end.
And She will keep you safe.
You're freed from doubt and fear and pain
You've left it all behind
You've passed beyond the veil,
To something greater find.
And as for me, I'll carry on
I suppose I have no choice.
Even when all goes wrong,
And I'll long to hear your voice.
But I will make you proud, Mom.
As I face the world unknown.
I'll walk my path with courage,
Because I will not walk alone.
For you'll live on in memories,
They'll not slip through my grasp
I won't let them fade away.
I won't forget the past.