***In the tradition of "Henshin" live action shows from Japan, I present the Silver Guardian. I own the right the rights to Silver Guardian and all the characters therein, unless otherwise noted.***

Silver Guardian

It was a regular day in the city of Crystal Shores. A warm sun hung high in a partly cloudy sky and overlooked the bustling city. There was a slight breeze in the air which the heat from the sun that much more pleasant. The people go about their daily lives of work in the city's growing business district or acclaimed local university. It was a beautiful day and none of the citizens were aware that their destruction loomed on the horizon.

In Crystal Park, it was the beginning of summer and the trees, plants, and flowers were in full bloom. The surrounding nature was serene and peaceful until a red vortex suddenly appeared to cast its ruby glow on a nearby pine trees. A moment later, a being clad in shiny black metal armor came rushing out with another person draped over its shoulder, apparently, unconscious. The mysterious figure only made it about twenty feet before another individual, clad in silver and black, rushed from the portal in pursuit.

"Stop, Dementor! Let Princess Myrianna go!" The warrior in chase yelled and then leapt over the kidnapper to cut off his escape. Dementor slides to a stop and addresses his trailer.

"Silver 're a persistent one aren't you? I have no intention of letting the princess go. She will lead us to the Chaos Gate and ultimate power will be Damon Brock's."

"I don't think so. When you were born, they name you perfectly because you demented if you think your going to leave here with the princess." The Silver Guardian said as he refortified his fighting stance and started to circle the dark soldier.

"Hahaha! Your no match for me Guardian," Dementor started as he laid the princess down against a tree. ".But if you insist on being destroyed.I'D BE HAPPY TO OBLIGE!" He finished and then rushed toward the Silver Guardian.

Dementor threw a flurry of kicks and punches that the Silver Guardian adeptly dodged, parried and blocked. The Guardian countered with a spinning roundhouse and then a spinning leg sweep. Dementor blocked the first kick and did a back handspring to avoid the other. Once landing on his feet, he fired an energy blast of blood red energy at the Guardian's chest. The Guardian saw the attack coming and leaped up and over the beam to body tackle his foe. The two rolled on the ground and then the Guardian tossed him away into a large Pine tree.

While Dementor struggled to get up, the Guardian found himself next to the princess. She was unconscious, but only because Brock needed her alive to open the Chaos Gate. Regardless, he checked her vitals to make sure she was okay.

"Silver Guardian! Your better than I thought, but if we can't have the ONE WILL!" Dementor yelled as a black trident materialized in his left hand.

He spun the spear over his head for a moment and then pointed it directly at Princess Myrianna and yelled, "Crimson Lightning!" An arc of blood red lightning jumped for the tip of his trident and speeded towards the prone girl.
Without a second thought, the Silver Guardian jumped in front of the energy blast to protect his princess. The Crimson Lightning attack hit him like a freight train. Red sparks burst from his chest as the energy ran over his body, inside and out. The Guardian fell to his knees and then face forward into the dirt, barely moving.

"Bwa ha hahaha. You fool. Did you really think I would destroy the princess before obtaining our goals? I knew you would throw yourself into the path of my attack." Dementor continued to laugh as he walked over to where the Silver Guardian lay.

"And now that I've disposed of you, unhh." He stated as he kicked the prone warrior into a tree about twenty feet away. The Silver Guardian slammed into the tree and fell to its base with a thud. A second later there was a blue flash and the warrior's silver armor disappeared to reveal a bloodied and bruised guy with long black hair.

".I'll just take the princess and be on my way." Dementor explained while picking up the princess and walking off.

"It's been a pleasure, Kou. Ha ha ha ha." Dementor gloated as he changed into a red and black lightning bolt and then disappeared.

After a few minutes, the man known as Kou Shimera begins to stir. He shakily hauls himself off the ground using the tree to steady him. He knows he is mortally wounded and will not survive long. He is hit by a massive surge of pain and clutches his side. After a few seconds, the pain subsided to a dull throbbing. Kou looked at his hand and realized it was covered in blood. The sight reinforced his idea that he did not have long to live. He gazed down at the silver bangle on his wrist and a determined expression replaced the one of pain. Kou pushed himself off the tree and staggered away towards the more populated part of the park.